Dogs Are Orphans Too

Before I begin, I left out one important part of Mayah’s name.

When Dan and I first started the adoption journey on Thanksgiving Day last year, there was a little girl named Maya.  It was then we were introduced to special needs and how quickly they get labeled.  So, months ago, we named Mayah Mayah to bring us back where we started.

And Elizabeth is after Dan’s sister.  It’s her middle name.  Mary is simply the best aunt in the entire world.  She loves all four of our children so dearly, and they adore her! 

So the week we left, after having dinner at Mary’s house, we announced we were naming our daughter after her.  Dan and I both have Elizabeth’s in our family history, but it’s Mary and Mary alone that Mayah gets her middle name;)

And now for the rest….

Day 2 without Dan.

I woke up this morning and hurried downstairs to check facebook and see Dan’s update that he was on his way home;)  What a wonderful way to wake up!!

My oh my the children are already transforming!  I skyped home and much to my surprise, there was my husband on the other end!  Alexander RAN over to talk to me.  His voice melted me.  It was happy.  He was happy.  He was back.  Just like that.  It was so magnificent to watch, I couldn’t help but tear up.  He loved sharing with me this morning.  Alexander was already wearing the necklace Mayah made for him a few weeks ago.  Dan took 3 small gifts home for the kids and Alexander and Gage, being the only two awake, showed me what they got and also shared they had some candy in the morning.  This never happens in our home.  They enjoyed it to say the least.  The orphanage dentist had given us a package to mail to her children in the U.S.  As a gift to us, she gave us shelled walnuts and fresh apples from her tree.  Under the bag of nuts, was tons of candy.  I had sent the whole bag home with Dan.  He informed me I made a mistake and should have kept some for myself.  He is hiding some so I may also partake.

Last night, I enjoyed myself by sitting in the hotel restaurant and read for quite some time.  It was so wonderful;)  I’m currently reading a book about the Spirit-Filled Life.  What I read last night touched me exactly where I needed in my heart.  Am I the only one who, while on a mission from God Himself, feels almost distant from Him?  Am I so wrapped up in Mayah, and my family back home I’m forgetting to give Him time?  Thankfully last night I was gently reminded no matter how hard WE try, WE will fail.  We have to surrender to the Holy Spirit and die to ourselves daily.  How refreshing!  So without saying, “I’ll start again tomorrow…I started again while at my table, reading my book.  I continued slowly worshipping God again even when I got back to my room and as I fell asleep.  While I know there is nothing I can DO in the flesh, I need to surrender.  Daily, hourly, I (we all) need to make that commitment. 

Thankfully, I only have 8 more sleeps ‘til I can get Mayah OUT of the orphanage!  I have enjoyed my last 2 days alone with her.  Today was equally fun.  I told her yesterday I would bring the lipgloss for her, and I remembered! 

One of her caretakers gave me a bow and a comb, she had some mad bed-head going on.

I really sort of felt bad for Mayah that no one there did her hair.  They do such a better job than I.  I really REALLY need to start learning how to do her hair.  At least she likes sitting there while I brush it, so she should be willing to let me practice once we get home.

She enjoyed listening to my MP3player yet again…she was even dancing today.  I encourage you to check out the link on YouTube at this link

it should work.  Having some internet issues so I’ll check on it

It’s only 8 seconds long and there’s no sound because it was on my digital camera and there’s no mic on it. 

I haven’t done much today, but I did get to sit downstairs for a while, and came back to my room to watch some television, I tried reading but couldn’t get into it, and I prayed.  Very relaxing. 

Dancing her heart out

she just LOVES music;)

She found a clip in my bag and attached it to her hair, she loves being silly

She has a scab on her elbow and she bumped it open, looked through my bag, found the tissues and wanted me to wipe it

She had a mouthful of food, but still wanted a pic with Mama

I try to change up the juice boxes I bring her because she loves what's on the front of them. Today were superheroes, she insisted I take a pic with the juicebox;)

Today I brought her a piece of ham and she had little crackers in there, I taught her how to tear up the ham to fit on the cracker, she thought it was amazing!! And of course, insisted I take a pic


On a side note, I went to the store again today to pick up some food to eat in the room and some things for Mayah for the next 2 days.  I ended up getting more sausages than I wanted so I set out to find some dogs on the way home;)

I was almost at the hotel when I spotted 3 dogs!  We were on the same side of the highway, even better.  Then 2 crossed the road.  Ugh. Then the other crossed.   So I did the same thing.  I stepped up the pace and 2 of the 3 crossed again.  I was on the same side as my hotel so I started to go even faster after the 1 dog left.  Finally I met up with him, he was shy at first, but once I gave him a piece of food he was very happy.  So I gave him more!  I started walking towards the hotel and after a few minutes I looked back and he was following.   I had decided if he caught up to me, I’d give him more.  By the time I reached the parking lot, one of his buddies decided to join him.  I turned around and started tearing up some sausages for these cuties.  They were so happy!  They wagged their tails in excitement.  Food!  I shared a few pieces with them and started walking in.  I was so happy.  Dogs around here are orphans too you know.


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  1. My daughter Teresa was totally taken with the orphan dogs in Kiev.

    And yes, I have felt similarly about my relationship with the Lord–adoption is DOING something He likes but not actually spending time with HIM. A few days ago I was feeling like I was leaving Him behind in the shuffle.

  2. She is such a cutie pie! How I wish our little guy would want us to take pics. As soon as he sees the camera, he wants it….and pouts when we try to take his pic. 😦 But we have some good pouty ones. LOL!

    • me too! if we were going right from the region to fly out of here i’d try to “smuggle” one out. dan and I named a few;) and haha she makes herself smile! today she just played in front of the big mirrors all morning. I cracked up;)

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