On The Homefront

We’re finally getting down to the last of things here in region.  Tomorrow, will be the first last.  Tomorrow will be the last Tuesday where I only visit with my daughter.  Next Tuesday that princess is out of her high tower!!

And we can’t wait.

First off, Dan had a great day with the boys yesterday.  Many of you, if you’ve been following, know Alexander our oldest  son (he’s no longer our oldest)  had the hardest time of all three boys with us being away.  Yesterday all he wanted was Daddy’s attention.  Even last night, when I tried Skyping again he later told Dan he didn’t want him talking to me because he wanted his attention.  Honestly, I didn’t call to talk to Dan;)  I called to talk to the kids.  HOWEVER, I snuck outside because of the noise inside, and a drunk guy came out.  Of ALL the available gazebos with no one else in them…he choose mine.  I really hoped he would hear I was speaking English and give up…NOPE, not him.  He just kept talking and talking.  So I got up to move to talk with the kids and HE FOLLOWED ME!  He was carrying on his own conversation.  He even whistled at Dan and flicked his face on the screen because Dan wasn’t paying attention to him!  Thankfully, this man’s brother came out and took him back inside;)  By then the kids were over talking to me.  I was a little down yesterday, so I went to bed and prayed and prayed to the Lord.  As I said yesterday, I’ve had trouble feeling distant.  I’ve devoted more quiet time to the Lord today.  Working to commune with the Holy Spirit in me.  How often do we all forget Christ died to live in us?   I love this book I’m reading,  I’m wondering if I had started reading it sooner if I would have felt this way.  God knows.  I’m just glad I’m reading it nowThanks, Billie for loving me so much you’re willing to part with some books for my trip.  I love you!!

But back to Alexander…Dan said he just wanted time with just HIM AND DADDY.  Obviously Dan can’t ignore the other boys.  He said Alexander had a meltdown but Dan went in and explained to him the reason he was gone for so long.  And that it wasn’t his fault (Alexander).  Alexander let Dan pick him up and rock him for a while.  After that he was okay.  He needed to express himself, and I’m so glad he got the chance.  I’m even more glad Daddy was there to comfort my (big) baby boy.

**Gage and Dan got up early this morning then Gage fell asleep in Dan’s arms while he was Skyping with me**Isn’t he just the sweetest thing?

My heart seems, like many others who have been here, incredibly burdened for the ones left behind.  There is one particular little boy (not here in this region) who has been on my heart for quite some time.  For many many reasons I’ve tried to forget about him.  I don’t want to come back to Ukraine to adopt again.  Dan doesn’t.  Our kids certainly don’t.  Yet more certain than the things  I just listed:  We DO NOT want this boy to be sent away.  Facts are facts and kids just don’t make it in there.  If you want to read about there  go to http://www.covenantbuilders.blogspot.com  just scroll down, Julia has a powerful, powerful post about there.  While you’re there, please consider making a $1 donation to sweet Gavin’s grant fund.  Julia is a Christmas Warrior for Gavin.  She has many “lost boys” as she refers to on her page.  Alexander on her page (not my son) has a $7105 grant!!  He’s already been sent there.  PLEASE please pray for him.  Let God lead.

Mayah’s visit was pretty much the same as always.  But here are a few cute updates: 

1.)     She gives me random kisses

2.)    She gives me random hugs

(isn’t God amazing?)

Dan and I have seen these toys in the stores called “kinder joy” eggs.  It seemed like there were surprises in them.  So we bought 3 and Dan took them home.  I bought one for Mayah yesterday.  After she was done with her snack and we played for a bit, I gave her the egg.  Her face was full of excitement and surprise.  She motioned if it was for her and I nodded.  She opened the egg and LOVED the tiny toy inside.  I put the toy together while she ate the egg.

She was just happy it was candy! She didn't know the candy would have a PRESENT in it!!

Oh, and of course! I took her a new juice box today...

Mama, there's something IN my candy!!

it had this little doll toy thing in it. She was beside herself!

She made Alexander a necklace a while ago, which Dan took home..but he asked why she didn't make one for Mimi and Nana...this is MIMI's!!

I took her some cheese today to add to her crackers and ham...i think she liked it!!

I really just can’t get enough! She’ll be glad she has a huge mirror on her dresser at home…she loves herself! *With good reason*

What I was happy to realize on my way home (er, hotel..guess I’ve been here a while) was that our sons back home acted the exact same way as their older sister when they received their eggs.  I’m so happy the Lord blessed us with children who are excited in the “small” things.  Our four blessings never cease to amaze me. 

Thank you Lord.


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