Distance Decreasing

I’ve made reference to the jumble on GodTV a few times in previous postings.  Dan and I would laugh at some of the people…really.  It was all we could do at the time.  There were even some times when Dan would want the volume turned down in case anyone walking by our room (even though we’re the last room) would hear (or understand English) because he was so embarassed.  How often, friends, do we have an environment around us we think we can just block out?  Pretend we’re not hearing the things we do, and move about our daily lives striving to be one with the Holy Spirit?  Up until today, I’ve always thought I did a pretty good job at blocking certain things out. 

I’ve also made mention how I’ve felt spiritually distant.  Thankfully, oh so thankfully, we serve a God who is ALWAYS with us.  Even when we don’t “feel” Him.  Somehow I’ve let some of this poison on television cloud my judgment.  I’ve let the invisble gases seep into the crevaces of my brain and I allowed them to work.  Without even knowing it.  If you’ve seen Christian television I’m sure you know the whats I’m talking about.  If you haven’t seen the majority of what’s on Christian television, for the love of God PLEASE don’t start now.  I mean that.  I don’t mean it in  sarcastic way by any means.  It takes work to grow in the Lord.  Not for the Lord to love you more…but work on our  fleshly sides to want to hear the Holy Spirit.  To know what the Holy Spirit sounds like.  How quickly, with the poison on television all that work dissentegrates.  It’s a shame really.  How quickly it all can dissolve.  So I’m taking my personal much needed stand against it today.  I’ve been able to pray again.  I enjoy reading my book about the Holy Spirit.  The book has been a wonderful antectote against what I’ve allowed myself to watch on television.  And thank the LORD for that.  You see, at home I have a stack of wonderful Bible studies exactly for me.  Each morning, whether I’m given an hour or five minutes, I get to start my day in the Word of God.  The most perfect place I can be on this Earth.  In my last minute hurriedness to pack and leave the country, I left every single one of them at home.  Collecting dust.  It’s not those Bible studies I needed to press on.  It was the devotion, my daily guardrails, and without them I’ve felt lost.  In the beginning I didn’t feel too bad because, after all, we had Christian television!  Not a perfect stubstitute, but a decent one, you know…to keep me “on track”.  WOW.  How incredibly wrong I was. 

And so now, here I sit.  With a few powerful books in which I intend to devote my time.  The television is off.  Where it will likely remain for the majority of the rest of my stay here. 

Thank you for your prayers.


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  1. We did see some good stuff on that channel but so much made me sad for the people in Ukraine. What if a person was a new Christian and didn’t have the discernment to see the distortions of the truth? What if someone is just learning English and is using this channel to expand their knowledge? Would there be enough truth to bring them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ?

  2. There are very few people that we watch on Christian channels, Charles Stanley being one of them. Matt calls TBN the “twisted broadcast network” because so many of the people on there are poor representatives of Christianity–and I’m not talking about their personal spiritual walk, because I can’t judge that–I’m talking about the way they portray what being a christian is, and the promises they give that Christ never did. Can you watch LifeChurchTV on the computer? I know that if you go to oneplace.com (I think), you can access all sorts of messages and devotionals from Charles Stanley, to Adrian Rogers, to just about anyone, really. Glad you are getting that time alone with the Lord, and refocusing.
    Love you bunches.

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