The End of Life As We Know it…

But if’s all for the better, of course!

I can’t even begin to explain how I’m feeling right now.  My stomach is in knots.  There is so much of the unknown tomorrow.

Sasha came today to pick up the court decree and see if we could get all of the running around done today.

While we got nothing done like he had planned, I’m so thankful he came!  He had to check the court decree, which indeed had errors.  Unfortunately there was no judge in today to have it fixed immediately.  So she told him we could come back tomorrow.  Had he not went today we would have been delayed a day!  Praise the Lord!!

Our visa card wasn’t working today, Dan got that issued resolved this morning, his time.  So I was left with just the money I had and need more to get everything paid for!  He wired me the rest of the needed funds, I’ll pick it up tomorrow when Sasha and I head into town.

Satan is trying to wreak havoc on me here and Dan at home.  The kids are sick, and the internet stopped working!  I’ve had crazy internet since Friday and haven’t been able to skype with the kids.  I never know when I’m getting kicked off of how long ‘til I get connected again.  I’m trying to help Dan in between shut offs via text messaging.  Frustrating!

I want to go home. 

Tomorrow Sasha and I have a pretty long day.  He’s coming back here which is a 2 hour drive for him.  Then we’re heading to town to do the money transfer and check on the new court decree.  Then we have to go to the orphanage to get a birth certificate.  Then we have to head to her birth region to get her original birth certificate which is about 200 kilometers away.  While there, he said it’s possible we could get the same day passport!  This is the only way Mayah and I can head home on Friday!!  He can’t call to see if they’ll even see us in her birth region until we have the original documents from this end.  After we get the passport, then we have to close her bank account from her birth region, come back here to secret location and close out her account here.  THEN we can get her out!!  After that, we’re on our way to Kiev.  She’ll probably be stressed and tired, so we’ll see how that goes.

On Wednesday, the embassy got us in at 10am to start the visa process.  I have the majority of the paperwork filled out.  The rest will have to wait until Wednesday.  But BEFORE we can go to the embassy, we have to get her medical done.  They open at 9!  I suppose we’ll have to be up and at their door well before 9 to ensure we get in asap!!

Thursday we will head back to the embassy to pick up her visa!  Once I have her visa IN MY HANDS we can take a huge deep breath for a few hours.  We will need to be at Kiev airport at 330am to catch our early morning flight.

I have all the suitcases packed and ready to go.  The last of my laundry is drying in the window sill.  I shouldn’t have to wash anymore until we’re HOME!

I can’t believe HOPEFULLY at this time tomorrow (it’s 8:52pm) Mayah and I will at least be on our way to Kiev!!

Once we’re there, I’m done with Sasha.  I’ll be working with the rest of the team all of whom I’ve never met before.  New driver (maybe Nico?) new workers, so we’ll see how it all works out!  I’ll miss Sasha he works really hard.

Please if you’re reading this pray for everything to work out so Mayah and I will be out of here on Friday!  That will put us at HOME on Friday evening!!!  Please keep Dan and his homefront struggles on your prayer list as well.  All are appreciated!!

I’d love to post pictures, but for some reason my memory card is STUCK in my camera!!  I won’t be able to upload any of the pics I’ve taken recently until I get home and find the USB cable.  I’ll have to use my cell phone tomorrow for pics.  I have the cords for thatWinking smile


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  1. praying it all works out for you guys tomorrow!!!
    Brings back such memories!!
    hope to see you are in Kiev Wednesday!!
    btw-you CAN have your initial visa appt without your medical being done, and you can be a little bit late for your visa appt too, it goes really quick.
    good luck!!!!

    • thanks everyone for the great words! Yes, Sandy I get exhausted just thinking about it too! Mayah goes into her little shell when we’re out of her comfort zone. I’m glad she knows to turn to me for comfort. I’m glad, in turn, that i can turn to the Lord for comfort for us all! Nancy, that’s great to know about the medical! i emailed yulia M. haven’t heard anything back. off to kiev tonight!!!

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