Didn’t Sleep

But really, did I expect to?  My nerves are running rampant all over!  I think it’s mostly excitement and thinking of getting Mayah settled tonight in our apartment in Kiev.  I stayed downstairs for as long as possible last night.  I went upstairs, finished my book! yet in the middle of my reading, I put the book over my head and waited on the Lord.  He came through as He always does and helped me to see some pretty cool things!  Instantly I could feel the anxiety creeping away, what a feeling! 

The weather here is terrible!  AND I have no boots for Mayah.  I’ll either have to buy some today or have Sasha pull right up to her groupa house so I can carry her to the car.   Either way, that girl is getting the car!  It’s about 127 miles or so to her birth region so Sasha and I have a lot of miles to cover today and it’s 9am already.  As long as the court decree is right, that should be a quick trip into town.  While he’s doing that, I’m going to the bank to get the money wire completed from Dan. 

Dan is still having internet issues at home.  He called Verizon and they said it could be an outage….but his parents have internet!  I had the same problem a while back and just had to reset the modem and do a new connection.  I tried helping him via text messaging last night, but he had to get ready for work and the boys needed him.  That’s our lifeline to each other and it’s hard on everyone.  He goes back on dayshift tomorrow and Thursday so it’s doubtful Mayah and I will get to see him on Skype anyway. 

All my stuff is packed in my room and it’s ready for Sasha and I to go up and get it OUT!  Once he gets here of course. 

The hotel was a hopping place last night.  It was rather slow and I hadn’t seen the boss lady at all yesterday, so the staff was in rare form!  They were sitting with a group at a table nearby doing shots! 

I have all Mayah’s clothes ready for her in her bag.  All the clothing she has tried on over the past few weeks, having her ask if they were for her and then having me take them back with me she will FINALLY get to wear!  All brand new stuffWinking smile  well, the sweater isn’t, I found it at a second hand shop!  I have a cute pink headband and a bracelet I bought from Marina Bachman’s fundraiser a while back when they were prepping to leave the countryWinking smile.  I packed some juice and a few snacks so that should last us ‘til we get to Kiev and get settled.  I will have to hit up a store for some milk tonight so she can have some cereal for breakfast tomorrow before we hit the ground running!

Ah, just sitting here blogging about the events is settling my nerves.  How nice!

I even picked her up a pair of pink jammies at the 2nd hand shop earlier in the week.  I washed them in the sink so they’re ready to go!!

I simply can’t wait!  Hopefully I’ll be able to blog again tonight after getting settled in Kiev!!!


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