Today’s Events

WOW.  Where do I start?

I’m sitting BACK at the hotel…alone.  Sasha got here later than I had expected.  We went to the courthouse and I waited in the hallway.  He finally called me in and then we left!  We went outside and he called Mayah’s birth region.  They could only see us up until 1pm and it was already 11:30.  It’s about a 2 hour drive.  They are normally open later, but they had a meeting today and would be closed for the duration of business.

We tried and tried but there was simply no way around it.  I have to be in her birth region to get her original birth certificate, I’m not needed for the passport…but that doesn’t do us any good.  So I had to change the embassy appointment.  They couldn’t see us at 3 or 4 tomorrow 11:30 was the latest time they could see us.  That wouldn’t work.

So we took care of all we could today which knocks off things from our to-do list tomorrow.

*Sigh of relief*

Sasha offered me to get Mayah out today…which I declined earlier.  I think she would have been incredibly bored here.  I didn’t get to visit her, which I think was for the better, I probably would have broken down right there.

So…Sasha returns tomorrow at 7 am to pick me up.  We head directly to her birth region to get the original birth certificate and passport and to close out her bank account.

Then we drive all the way back here to get Mayah out and close out her account here.

THEN we can go to Kiev!!

Thursday morning at 9 we have our embassy appt.  Then we go to her medical directly after and then BACK to the embassy to give them the medical info.

On Friday afternoon at 2 we go back to the embassy to pick up her visa!  Then back to our apartment, I imagine until someone comes to get us at crazy early in the morning to get to the airport by 3:30am.

We’re on the same flight route home and will arrive at 5:35pm.  It’s highly doubtful we’ll be going to church on Sunday.  I think that would be just too much on Mayah.

That’s IT.  Tomorrow our new plane tickets will be ordered before we arrive in Kiev so that will be nice.  A tech is coming to the house tomorrow to fix the internet.  Dan is at the end of his rope. 

I’m just happy God is providing.  Today was DIFFICULT to get through to say the least.

Thank you for your prayers!!


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  1. Oh bless your heart. I am just reading this now. I’m sorry things didn’t turn out as planned. (Though that seems to be the name of the game there sometimes) Tomorrow, tomorrow, it’s only a day away.

  2. Oh my goodness, but do I understand, friend. It is so CRAZY over there. Nothing ever goes as planned. BUT GOD!!!! He is faithful to see you all the way home. You are so very close. Hang tight….it’s almost over 🙂

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