Always Home

A week ago today I was prepping to wake Mayah to head to the airport.

A week.  That’s IT.

It feels like I have never left.  The boys are not crazily attached to me like I expected.  They simply went back to life as normal. 

Mayah also acts like she grew up here!  We have very little issues, and the ones we do have, we are working on. 

Mayah adjusted instantly to the time change.  The first night home, in her own bed was the only time I had to hang out in her room rubbing her back for comfort as she settled in for the night.  Every other night, she willingly hops into bed, we tuck her in, and off she goes to dreamland. 

I simply do not remember a time without her here.

If someone would have told me last week (and they did) I would someday forget the heartache of being away I wouldn’t have believed them.  Here I sit, less than a full week of being home, and it’s all been forgotten. 

My secret boring lifestyle in Ukraine is a distant mist in my memories.  There is barely a hint of fragrance left of those 44 days without my family. 

Mayah was worth it all.  Every lonely hurting moment.  Completely worth it.

Alexander has expressed his desire for his big sister to come with him to gymnastics tomorrow morning and AWANA on Sunday.  I thought we’d wait to allow her into his special activities, but if he’s inviting we’ll gladly allow her to go!!  I’m proud of him for wanting to share his special activities with her. 

One thing we are watching is Mayah will willingly go to anyone.  Shrilling in excitement to see every new visitor, reaching her arms wide open waiting for someone anyone to hug her and pick her up. 

She was in 2 orphanages before coming to our family.  There were many caretakers at the last orphanage in Berdichev –we never witnessed her keeping distance nor clinging to any of them.  We know she’s happy here with us…that’s all that matters. 

Today, while Alexander was at school and Gage was napping, Mayah snuggled with me on the couch under the purple afghan Nana made for her.  David came up and joined me on the other sideWinking smile

I called the pediatrician’s office to schedule appts for Mayah, Alexander and Gage…their computer system was down so I will call back on Monday.  The woman I spoke with  told me to call Children’s Hospital to get Mayah into the audiology department.  I left a message with CH and a woman called me back.  Mayah heads to Pittsburgh next week to see an ENT.  I’m so surprised she got in this year!!  I’m excited to see what that appointment will bring for herWinking smile

Even though we got in late Saturday night, everyone was up and ready for church last Sunday.  (did I post this already? I can’t remember) 

I had requested Mayah stay in the 4&5’s with her brothers…yet when I went to pick up the kids after the service, she was with the 6-9’s!  She was happy and excited to see me.  They said she did a fine job without her brothers.  We’ll see what this Sunday brings.

Today is Dan’s birthday.  31 years old!!  We ordered pizza and we’re watching the Polar Express with all the kids.  They love it. 

Last night, an old friend of mine posted on facebook about how her friend took in FOUR extra children!  Apparently this friend has been down this road before of having to rescue her nieces and nephews from their mother.  It’s a sad situation.  Some of the kids I had clothing and toys for so Teri, her husband Greg, and their beautiful beautiful granddaughter Rachel stopped by our house tonight and picked up the goodies.  The kids were so happy to meet Rachel and play with her for a while.  They love making new friends.  Alexander wanted her to spend the night and sleep in Mayah’s room.  They are the same age.   Another friend was able to secure a set of bunk beds and they only need 1 more mattress.  Dan and I are planning to order a futon mattress and have it sent to the friend’s house.  Tomorrow and Sunday I plan to go through more clothing to see who else in the family we can clotheWinking smile  if you’re interested in sending any sort of donations, stuff, money, gift cards PLEASE email me and I’ll make sure it gets to the right people.

I know this posting is a bit all over the place, I hope to get back into it over the next week or soWinking smile  thanks for the prayers friends!!  Such comfort.


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