It took about a week for us to fully realize Mayah is too trusting.  She would be happy with anyone.  She has no real bond with us.

I took the kids to a Christmas party at the local school and every man (or teenage boy for that matter) was “papa”.

In an effort to make Dan stand out among the others, we no longer allow “papa” but insist she call him Daddy.  It’s too cute to hear her say it too!!  She’s adjusting to the change quickly, she’s very smart. 

In church yesterday we asked people not to make real physical contact with her as well.  I kept her attached to me.  Sometimes I would carry her (thank God she’s only 40 pounds!) and other times I just had my arms wrapped around her.  She was happy feeling secure with me.  We know she loves the physical attention.  It’s just getting her to understand she cannot go seek it with whomever she wants is another story.  Some people would come up and shake her hand and others would give her a “5”.  Every time someone came near and reached out, I helped her to hold her hand up so she wouldn’t throw her arms in the air for a hug.  She’s getting there.

When I sit down at the computer for a few minutes, she sits on my lap.

Yesterday during dinner preparation, she helped me stir a mixture for dumplings and peel a potato.  She LOVES helping!

I’m looking forward to baking Christmas cookies with them today.  I’m hoping Alexander’s school gets cancelled.  David’s is already closedWinking smile

I promise sometime this week I will actually post pictures of her being here!!

She calls all the boys Gage. 

When we work with her though, she’s saying Alexander a LOT better!!

Dan and I have a lot to pray about and we ask for your prayers as well.  For guidance, strength, and God’s will to be done. 

More on that laterWinking smile  but for now, it’s the prayers that are appreciated!!

I need to get gifts wrapped at some point in time.  The last of David’s presents should be arriving any day now. 

I had an appointment scheduled for Mayah at children’s hospital, but I’m going to need to cancel it.  I think I prefer to wait until after the new year to start doc appts. 

I know the update isn’t much….but I’ll get better at it!!!


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