‘Tis the Season

Many people complain about all the hustle and bustle fighting lines and grouchy people in stores to find the perfect gift.

For many the perfect gift remains in an orphanage waiting.

The purpose of this posting is more than two-fold when you think about it.

Donate to adoptive families –get chances to win some awesome presents!

Spread the love of Christ through giving.

Receive thank- you’s you may never hear or read in a card, but know they are being said by each family receiving any financial donation.  We still are awestruck after completing Mayah’s adoption at receiving financial donations from $1.75 to $3,000!

I simply cannot emphasize enough that no donation is too small.

Ipad’s seem to be a popular giveaway this season.  I really want one.  So I’ve donated to one so far, and am waiting for details from another. 

This first IPAD is from Julia Nalle’s family.  They brought home Aaron from Eastern Europe earlier this year and are helping the “lost boys” find homes.  One by one, families are coming out and stepping UP for these precious gifts from God!

http://www.covenantbuilders.blogspot.com  chances are $5 and the drawing ends December 19th.

This next drawing really needs your help, friends!!  They are giving away an IPAD and details are on their blog: 


The Jobes family is adopting sweet Lisette and they are holding a drawing right now for adorable tutu’s!!


Chances for the tutu’s are $3 for one chance and $5 for two chances!  If you have a little princess please try to win this awesome dress up present for her!!  The Jobes’ ask that you donate directly to Reece’s Rainbow and then contact Faith Jobes with how many chances you paid for.  http://www.reeceesrainbow.org/sponsorjobes.html  you can contact Faith at faithjobes@yahoo.com  they are planning to travel in January 2011 and need about $4,000 to fully fund their adoption of sweet Lisette!!

**Updated 12/14** Another family contacted me about their fundraising.  They are raising money not only for their own daughter (whom I fell in love with the day she was listed!) but raising money for Brady and Heath who have a family as well.  Talk about the Spirit of giving, right??


They have a few fundraisers listed on the site.  My favorite is the quilt giveaway!  They have NO DONATIONS for the quilt yet (though when I’m done posting, they’ll have one!)  please help them out!  There are few things more  exciting when you’re fundraising than watching your chip-in thingy go up and up!!  Chances for the quilt are only $5!  So where else could you get a beautiful hand-made quilt for so cheap and your dollars will go so far??  Three orphans are being helped with this wonderful fundraiser.  Please consider a donation. 

The RIEBEN Family at http://www.fromthetrenchesofadoption.blogspot.com are adopting more children to add to their OWN family…yet they continue to raise funds for other children.  Sweet Dusty was prayed for by Val’s 5 year old son faithfully for a year to find a family.FINALLY his sweet prayers were answered.  Before Dusty had a family, the Rieben’s designed a fundraiser called Stitched Together by Love”  all of their children are working together to make a quilt for precious Dusty.  They will send the quilt to Dusty’s family when it’s complete.  You can purchase your pieces for the quilt up until January 1st.  Please help make this quilt awesome!! 

Any financial donation gets you a chance and they desperately need more donations!  Please help them do more than simply make the money back for the IPAD tell your friends!  With so little time left (it ends on December 15th) chances are high you could win this one!  I’m donating to it NOW, will YOU?

I will continually update this post as the day goes on and more people let me know of their current fundraisers.  I’m such a gadget hound I’m REALLY HOPING I win one of the IPADs.  However, my true gift is seeing the financial need of these awesome families get lower and lower.


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