In the Beginning…

Everyone has a beginning of their adoption journeys.  I find them all incredibly fascinating.  Taking note of the spiritual markers from each separate family all leading them to the same outcome.

Adopt a child.

For us, we received a pile of Bible Study books from our cousin, Sue.  Their church didn’t use them, so she gave them to us.  I was just starting getting into the Bible regularly.  I’m not even sure how I used to study the Word.  All I remember is I kept going back to Ephesians.  So, with our newfound treasure of books, I began my first self-Bible study.  I don’t think I ever finished it…which now may be a good time to do, but I remember in the very beginning learning God adopted us.  I never really gave it much thought.  Though while explaining it to Dan later I remember saying, “you know, adoption, because you choose to love that kid.  God chose to love us.”  He could have picked dogs, or spiders or any other of His creations…he chose to adopt us. 

“…having predestined us to adoption as sons by Jesus Christ to Himself according to the good pleasure of His will.”  Ephesians 1:5 NKJV

I never thought much again about the word adoption.  I’m pretty sure that was in the warmer part of 2009….that’s all I can remember. 

As for knowing people who were adopted…Dan’s mom was adopted directly out of the hospital as an infant.  1 month old if I remember correctly.  There was a pastor at our church: he and his wife had adopted 2 girls from India.  We knew nothing about them, just that he and his wife were white and the girls looked Indian…we just assumed.  My brother (who is actually my half brother) has a sister who was adopted.  It was domestic…and truthfully that’s all I know about that!  Come to think of it, she may have been his step-mom’s daughter and his Dad just adopted her…see how little I know about that situation?

That was it.

So, driving home the night before Thanksgiving 2009 after having coffee at McDonald’s with my BFF, there I was driving up the hill (probably smoking(this was before I quit for real).  *I only added that part because God doesn’t call perfect people to do His work…there I was totally sinning and I heard God say, “adoption”.  I remember turning my head and said, “adoption?  really?”  out loud!  “uh, okay”.

So I stayed up late that night, my household was already in bed when I got home, researching adoption.  I literally knew nothing.  I had no idea how we would afford it, how to pick a country, or where to start.  So I read…and read…and read.  I left a few websites up so when Dan awoke on Thanksgiving I could break the news to him.  This was not going to be easy.  My husband loathes change.  If “it” (whatever IT is) involves doing something out of the ordinary, he’s against it. 

We were in the kitchen, I was preparing the meal that morning.  “ So do you want to see what I was doing last night?  Take a look on the computer.”  I held my breath, yet totally played cool while working on the turkey. 

“I’m not surprised.”

That was it.  No adamant NO, no we’ll think about it…nothing.  Just "I’m not surprised.”  It’s also a likely thing for him to say to me.  I’m known for not doing anything small.  So for him to not be surprised could mean so many different things. 

He was on board!  We talked, and talked, and prayed prayed prayed!  Searching the scriptures, praying together, and immediately talking to our kids about it. 

We had agreed to not say anything to anyone else though.  We kept quiet for a month or so…or at least a few weeks. 

As for the rest of the journey, choosing a country, a child, etc that’s for another post.  They were each faith-filled journeys of their own.

So…I’m curious…how did YOU start your adoption journey? 


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  1. I saw Timothy’s sweet face on a friend’s FB page… that was it… LOL I’d thought about adoption but not until we could “afford” it. Well, if we waited that long, it’d never happen, and God showed us that HE was the one that could afford it, so WE were the ones going to go do it. hehe

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