The Dziagwa’s go Dominican…

While in Minnesota at the Orphan Alliance Conference in April I met 2 amazing families.  I had posted about them in the past.  The Jenkins and the Littles.  Their blogs are on the sidebar in my blogroll. 

Dan and I have been waiting for our next move. 

In Minnesota each of the two families had given me their postcards with their information on them.  Address, website, email, etc.  I have kept them in my Bible since April.  Reminding myself daily to lift up the families in prayer when I start my day. 

Admittedly, maybe because I was so consumed in our own issues, I haven’t been praying for them.  Yet they remained on my heart.

Adopting again has been on my mind since we started this process.  The feeling has been more out obligation and not from the Lord.  Dan hasn’t exactly been on board since he got home a month ago.  Yes, there is one child in Ukraine we are praying for.  FOR not necessarily about.  We’re praying she says YES to a family and leaves her life in Ukraine which holds absolutely no future for her. 

We are also approved for a domestic adoption.  It’s harder than people think!  Val Rieben posted about domestic vs. international in a recent blogpost:

please take the time to view the post.

In the meantime we were planning a vacation to Virginia Beach.  A time to get away with just the family and be a family. 

Yet in my prayers the burden for the Dominican would not go away.  It’s been there since I met the Jenkins family and has remained with my daily prayers.  God has said many things to me regarding the DR.  Most days I would dismiss them.  However, the other day He told us to relocate our vacation spot.  Believe it or not the total price is almost the same.  AND in the mornings we’ll be spending time with the locals doing whatever the Jenkins family saysWinking smile  Dan has felt a calling to minister to younger boys.  He’s still in limbo as to what his next step will be. 


Please pray he hears the Lord and he  follows through with what the Lord has in store for him…regardless if that is the direction he is lead or not.  If it is, the DR will be a good time for him to head in that particular direction.  If it’s not-God will put is exactly where He wants us when we go.

As for the kids and I-I’m really hoping to go down for the week of VBS or to just play with the street kids. 

We are excited to expose our children to God’s world early.  We pray their hearts are touched by different activities we chose to lead them to as a family. 

Over the next few months, we will be lightly fundraising.  Any amount we raise will go directly towards our plane tickets.  Flights for 6 people do the Dominican (so far) are $550-ish dollars. 

We plan to finalize our trip plans by the end of January to somewhere in mid Feb.  We are looking to be there somewhere from June to August.  Again, pray God leads the Jenkins family to lead us.  We are so excited!!

Our first fundraiser are magazine subscriptions, renewals, cookie dough and restaurant gift certificates.  We receive 40% of the sales!  There’s something for everyoneWinking smile Please check it out!!

We will happily share more info or answer any questions as we move along, and again, we appreciate and welcome your prayers.


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