So I’m a Little Late…

And I’m sure many of you know already, but just in case you don’t…the other day…I’m sure about a minute after it was posted- because I had seen it before anyone else had announced it:




That, mixed with Mayah being home is truly the BEST Christmas present I could have ever asked for.

I have no idea who they are.  I have no idea how they found Sveta.  All that matters is SVETA HAS A FAMILY!!!  God is awesome, God hears our prayers, God cares for the orphan more than we will ever know.

Carolyn Twietmeyer from Project Hopeful was able to contact Sveta’s secret family and inform them of the $1400 in grant money that Project Hopeful was able to raise for Sveta during “Spring Sveta”  a fundraiser where Carolyn and her awesome peeps stepped up and tried to help us raise all the money we needed for Sveta to come home with us. 

We also have some things for Sveta’s family.  Some gifts we had collected over time that we would stash away specifically for sweet sweet Sveta.

When we weren’t able to Spring Sveta, we knew God had a family for her.  We weren’t sad we weren’t able to have her join our family.  The desire to for her to be a Dziagwa had disappeared.  The only thing we were certain of…was that her family was coming soon.  I forget how long ago it was I had a dream Sveta’s family stepped up.  I’m sure I blogged about it at one point in time.

I now see Sveta’s picture on our refrigerator and smile. 

Rejoice, friends!  Pick and orphan and YELL until that child’s family finds them.

God hears our cries.

I cannot wait to find out who the special family is.  If YOU’RE them, PLEASE tell me who you are.  I promise I won’t tell. 


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  1. Tammy, your love for Sveta is the best gift I could ever get. I managed to find your blog last week and sat here crying tears of joy reading your post on Sveta’s birthday in May. I wanted to tell you but couldn’t yet 🙂 God truly is amazing. All the while you were praying for her family to find her, God was preparing our hearts to know what we were to do the minute we saw her picture. Amazing how he weaves it all together for His Glory!

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