Pictures Pictures Pictures


This was me getting Mayah’s new birth certificate in Zhytomyr .

110I waited out in this hallway for a LONG time…I guess people get married here in that room.


I sat out here on the side of the road waiting for Sasha get Mayah’s passport process started.  The sidewalks were icy and yet the women STILL wore high-heels.  “They choose beauty over comfort here.”  Sasha said.

113Mayah’s clothing she was wearing before Sasha and I ran into her groupa house to change her.  It was a VERY HURRIED MOMENT!  Have I ever blogged about that day??

114Mayah getting dressed wearing her bracelet from Marina Bachman’s adoption fundraiser.


“Pepper” as I liked calling her, coming over to give Mayah a hug good-bye.


Walking out of the orphanage FOREVER!!


The day Dan and I talked about every time we visited.  The day Mayah got to walk out of the green gates and never return.  (to live there, at least)


you can’t see this one very well, but she was riding in the back of Sasha’s car very happily!!


Mayah waiting in Zhytomyr to get her passport.


She was so happy that day!  (or night, I guess I should say)

122Eating a snack in the car!



Sasha bought us dinner at a gas station.  Mayah got a juicebox and a hot dog in a croisssant.  I liked them, her…not so much.  I saved the croissant for the next day’s breakfast.  She asked where the hot dog was.  I haven’t made her another hot dog yet, so we’ll see if she’ll eat them later. If you look on the table, she is carrying the only picture we had of her.  She recognized herself immediately.


Eating dinner

125So happy to wear her new pink jammies!!!

At our 15th floor apartment in Kiev.

126Having breakfast before we headed to the Embassy then to get her medical done. 

127Sitting sooo nicely in the building where we went for her medical.  She was so good!!

128Mayah sitting with Victor.  He is sooo adorable.  His mom’s blog is at

Mayah and I also met another amazing family.  A mom, Julie-traveling with her daughter Madelyn, and their family was adopting Dashlyn

129Her very first bath by herself in a real tub!  I think she liked it.


But you tell me.  Does she look happy?

131All clean!  She smelled soooo good too!


Watching the washer.  I was just glad to have one!!


eating AGAIN.  She ended up eating everything on the table throughout the course of the day.


First mac-n-cheese!  She loves that stuff;)


reading the newspaper at the airport in Frankfurt.  We were there for about 7 hours or so and she was awesome for the ENTIRE time!!


Playing with her mosiac toy I picked up for her at local shop in Berdichev.  One of the caretakers told me how much she loved this toy at the orphanage so I was happy to find one!!


Checking everything out in her new room Saturday night after we got home from the airport.  I don’t have airport pics, I was a little overwhelmed at the time.  I need to request my friends Jenn and Steph to email them to me and I’ll share them.


She really inspected everything!!

142Her nana was so excited to get her some ruby slippers.  She wore them home from the airport and for a few days after non-stop!!!

143breakfast our first morning together!!

That’s all the pics I have of our journey from Gotcha Day until our first morning.  I’ll be sure to do another picture post.  They’re more fun anyway, right??


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