It’s happening.

Mayah’s blending.

She is understanding that Mama’s hugs fix many many hurts. 

Mama’s learning that holding her precious 7 year old baby fixes most of her hurts as well.


Yesterday and today Mayah has come up to me and given me kisses. 

Together we are learning how to get used to each other.  I’ve “let up” a lot and she’s learning we will still love her if she shoves her brothers!  (no, it doesn’t happen often, it was just an example)

It’s amazing and encouraging.  This redemption we are experiencing makes each day like Christmas morning for Mama.  Daddy works a lot and is trying to keep a small distance between the two of them so she and I can develop a stronger bond.  He still holds her, but she cuddles with me more.  She has taken a liking to this new method. 

I’d like to say that she no longer looks perpetually sad, but that’s just not true.  Though I have seen her hug her baby brother a few times and she and David cuddled on the couch earlier this evening.

This afternoon, when I got the mail, her wireless headphones arrived.  Man I’m so thankful I had the batteries to go with it!!

Unfortunately, they are falling apart already and we have to flick them while she’s wearing them to get them to play sound every so often.  Annoying.  I emailed the company after I got them working the first time around and shared our happiness with them.  Not long after I received an email stating the reader shared the email with the office staff and they were teary eyed and thanked me for sharing.  I hope they’ll be that receptive when I email them tomorrow asking for another pair.  hmm.

I put the Doodlebops in because it’s full of music for Mayah’s first hearing DVD.  She was soo excited!  her face lit up and she didn’t stop smiling.  I let them watch the DVD twice because this was so new to her.  I cried seeing her excitement.  She is so totally worth every ounce of grief, frustration, heartache I’ve ever felt during this transition to home process.  She’s my daughter.  She’s perfect in every way.  She was born to be in our family.  What a miracle.



that’s the face of a truly happy Mayah Elizabeth.  I pray that smile comes out to visit us more often.  She is so beautiful.

She’s making some significant strides language wise as well.  Today on two separate occasions she said, “thank you” without being prompted/reminded.  Rather major.

Today she called David “David” (or at least her version of it, but we’ll take it!!)

She’s my most perfect Christmas present.  Directly from the hand of God.

Thank you, Father!!

Today I took the kids outside to play while Alexander was at school.  We had a snowball fight!  I cannot wait until Alexander is on Christmas break and he’s home with us all day and I’m really praying we get lots of snow to play in.



Gage sledding through the yard—and Gage wearing one of Mayah’s hats when we played dress up.  I have to remind myself to have girl playtime since the boys are all so used to playing cars and superheroes.022boys can wear silly hats too!


my fab four!!s


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  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!!!! I also love seeing beautiful Mayah again! Your boys are so precious!!!! It mentioned Alexander being in school- I thought you homeschooled all of them? Maybe I misunderstood something- it’s very possible!!!! 🙂

    You got so much snow up there! It’s so pretty! I wish we had more of a snowfall, especially since Victor enjoyed the little bit we had last weekend.

    We are still working on Victor’s language. We have him say “thank you” at every meal, when we give him something, etc. but he NEVER says it on his own- it’s always “Tell mama thank you.” Good job Mayah saying it without prompting!!!!

    Okay, I have to go be a mother!!! xoxo

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