You Just Don’t Get Comfy on a Stranger’s Couch

Guess that means we’re not strangers.


Not that she really looked at us that way.  Even from the beginning-the very first day, SHE initiated calling me Mama.  MMM…sweet memories of that day.  The sound of her sweet girl voice yelling, “that’s my Mama” in Russian.  Always makes me smile and reminds me of why we go through some struggles that we do.  She’s so totally worth it.

Normally, when we would put a movie/show on in the evenings, she would park herself on the floor in front of the television.  Not to hear it better, but because I don’t think she knew what relaxing really was.  (sometimes, I think I have forgotten, but that’s OKAY!)  After a day or so of letting her sit on the floor, I’d ask her to sit up with me.  Each time she would get closer and closer.  Now we snuggle on the couch together like it’s how we’ve always done it.  Today was even more awesome than snuggling with my girl.  I walked in the living room to see her on the couch, under a blanket looking totally relaxed on her couch in her home.  I love it. 

She’s starting to understand when she’s scolded she’s still loved.  She’s starting to understand if she pushes herself onto my lap when I’m on the computer I gently guide her back, indicate to wait a minute and then I’ll take her.  She nods her pretty little head and waits nicely.  If she changes her mind about sitting with me, she leaves to play with her brothers.  Either way is fine with me.  The point is, she’s learning we’re always going to love her. 

As for our Dominican trip…I’m so excited.  I look at pictures from our friend’s website all the time.  And they have a LOT so it’s pretty awesome.  They are currently working on their 2011 timeline for short term trips from individuals, groups, families-we’ve told them our timeline for availability and we’re eagerly waiting for them to get back to us as to when they want us there!  I can hardly wait.  I’m so excited at what God has in store for our family. 

I’ve finally started going through the Chazown Experience with  it’s about doing what God wants for your life and growing closer with him.  It’s about taking a look at all the spiritual markers in your life, categorizing them, arranging them chronologically and seeing how God’s hand has been involved in shaping you to where you already are.  When you are able to see that, then it opens you up to see where He wants you to go. 

I’ll also be starting some work shortly with Search For Me Ministries.  Please check them out on facebook and their website  and Bob’s blog:  His wordpress background is the same as mine, so it’s strange to see text I didn’t write.  It’s about becoming rock solid in your identity with Christ.  Sounds wonderful, can’t wait to dive in!  I encourage you to do the same. 

I must close for now.  Tomorrow is Alexander’s first day of Christmas break and I can’t wait to just have all 4 kids home with me!  We still have one more type of cookie to bake tomorrow.  We only made 2 kinds.  My two childhood favorites.  With just me and the kids, we don’t make the cookies for quantity or to have specifically on Christmas…we do it for the memories.  They had a blast being Mama’s cookie elves last week when we made the first kind.



Merry Christmas, friends!  Thanks for the prayers, best presents ever.  They produce so much and cost so very little.


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