Christmas Eve Eve

What a wonderful day we have all had!

I remember when I was little I LOVED December 23rd.  After all, it was the day before the day before Christmas!!  At 5 years old, without any promptings from his Mother, Alexander celebrates the same day.  He has been looking forward to this day all week long.  Deep down, my inner child was as well.  He is such a little mini-me in so many ways.

One way we are different; however, is at 5 years old I caught my oldest son doing something.  While brushing David’s teeth, I overheard Alexander ask Jesus to come live in his heart!  He was so excited and I wasn’t even in the room. He began singing, “I’m sa-ved, I’m sa-ved!”  He runs down the hall to tell me the good news.  Bursting with pride and excitement I shared his moment.  I never knew how exciting the day before the day before Christmas really could be.

I went to get the mail this morning, and just in time for her stocking was Mayah’s TACKY!  I ordered it from  a TACKY is a beautiful headband (sorry I took the pic against an orange box full of citrus) made by refugees in Africa.  Please go to the BEMM website and order a few!!!  I’ll be getting some more!

Maybe I’ll take a better pic of Mayah’s TACKY when she’s wearing it at Christmas!  This picture makes it look pretty nasty.  Anything that is orange is NOT part of the TACKY.  It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!001

This morning while I was making the dough, Mayah and Gage sat nicely at the table and colored (for a tiny bit of time!)


Dan’s friend Judd is visiting from Florida so he surprised me with an afternoon visit.  He hung out with the kids and I until Dan got home this evening.  We always enjoy his company, even if it is once or twice a year.  The three of us used to pal around quite a bit before Alexander was born.  Shortly after, he moved to Florida.

The kids and I enjoyed baking cookies together.  I whipped up the dough this morning while they were playing.  Then Mama’s cookie baking elves showed up for the fun part.

003Every time I toss flour on my table, I toss a pinch at each one of their faces.  They laugh and love it.  I think they look cute.

Tonight after dinner we iced the cookies:


I forgot to add they all (minus Gage) were wearing superhero costumes.  It was a superhero kind of day in our house I suppose.

005LOVE that baby belly sticking out!!  Later this evening, his belly was showing:  “Uh Gage, you’re sticking out a bit at the belly”  I said.  “That’s because he broke his jammies.”  said Alexander.  He cracks me up.


Pretty girls in pig-tails dressed as Bumblebee Transformer love to decorate cookies too.

007He stuck with the decorating for much longer than he normally dedicates to activities.  Though when he moved over here, he was more interested in breaking off “cookie crumbs” and eating them.

008Alexander was dressed as a dinosaur by this time. 

009010I don’t think I was supposed to see this.  He took a bite out of a few cookies and put them all back.  No, we don’t make enough to share with people outside of our household.  No one would want cookies that have been licked, bitten, or whatever else 1, 3, 5, and 7 year old hands do with cookies.

011Exercising her lady-like manners!

012A beautiful mess if you ask me.  These are the things I want to remember when I’m listening to my kids get frustrated with their kids because their cookie-decorating times were never like this. 

013They each had a cookie and a few potato chips!!  They were allowed to pick a Christmas DVD to watch—they picked Cartoon Christmas Classics  Never heard of it?  It’s from the 1940’s. 

As the night before the night before Christmas comes to a close, it was one of the best days we’ve had together as a family of 6.  Tomorrow Dan is off, I will run to the store first thing in the morning, then spend the day with Dan’s family at his parents’ house. 

If I don’t blog tomorrow, forgive me. Enjoy the days with your families!  It’s very likely I’ll have plenty of time on Christmas evening.  We don’t go anywhere on Christmas and just enjoy the time together.  Dan’s sister is going to join us again this year.  We’re looking forward to it.

Thank you for the prayers.  Merry Christmas!!s


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