Christmas in Mostly Pictures

In order to get back to posting daily.  I’d like to post a blog of mostly pictures about our Christmas 2010.

Christmas Eve we celebrate at Dan’s parents.  His sister, Mary joins us as well.  This was the first time Dan’s Dad met Mayah.

Much to our surprise, he was happy to meet her and very nice to her.  He included her in everything he included the boys in.  No complaints from us!!


Mayah was excited at everything she got, and everything everyone else got.  She still thinks all things are for her, which is sometimes hard and stressful to deal with.  It’s hard on her to hear “NO” constantly.  I’d like to say she’s learning, but so far…not so much.  It will happen though.


They got entire too much stuff from their aunt and grandparents.  I still have a bag of stuff in our basement from last Christmas which has never been used or opened.  Needless to say, a few items are going to likely be sent with some people to the Dominican.  046047048049They got some paints and enjoyed painting for a little while.  We set up the little table over in the living room so they could eat in there.  David, of course, did not eat but the rest enjoyed their feast!

050051Santa left a note on Alexander’s bed thanking him for the cookies and said h e had a nice time on the Polar Express and punched Alexander’s ticket with an, “A".  He even left Alexander’s shoes, socks, and jacket on the floor in his bedroom from his trip.  Alexander told me when he went to bed Christmas Eve I’ll have to get up and help him get his shoes and coat on when the Polar Express came to get him.  When he woke up the next day, he was upset a little that he slept through and did not hear the train.  I tried explaining to him Santa left a note and showed him how he must have forgotten he left his clothes on the floor in his room….but he ran off and called Santa a liar.  Epic fail on my part.  OOPS!  He wasn’t upset if we didn’t talk about it.  Dan’s sister has to bring it up again of course.  Oh well.  When you don’t have kids you don’t know when to just drop it I guess.  He’s fine and wasn’t bothered by the ordeal so that’s what matters most.


Cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast with chocolate milk!!

I like to keep all Christmas meals as simple as I can so I can enjoy the time with the kids. 

053They all got pillow pets and LOVE them.

024I’m sporting Mayah’s Tacky.  Can’t wait to get more!!

009Mayah got a bike, she’s very happy!!  Now all 3 of the bigger kids ride like crazy in the basement!!  If I remember correctly, I got this bike for $5 at St. Vincent de Paul;)!!

015Gage got a plush iron-man

020Dan got some sort of super spot-light.  He likes it.

013Alexander got his Blue Lightning McQueen with Wings.  Exactly what he asked for. 

014David got Mikey the Christmas Car.  While we were gone, Dan’s mom made up a story while we were gone and Mikey was the star.  His sister painted a wooden car to fit what David said Mikey looked like.  That’s all he asked for.  (that, and the pillow pet)

029And one of my favorite parts…was when David crawled up behind me on the couch on Christmas Eve;)

So there you have it, our Christmas in Pictures.

During much of this Christmas season, my heart is somewhere else.  My heart is still hurting for those left behind and for street children in the Dominican and children dying from HIV in Africa.  Even in our best efforts here at home, Christmas is still commercialized at best.  Our children quickly forget we are celebrating the birth of our SAVIOR. 

More must be done for those children.  More must be done.

January first, while we do not regularly do “resolutions” or crazy promises of the like, we will be starting the 40 day mission minded family challenge.  I will keep you posted on more of the details.  Until we begin, we are praying as a family to be open minded and to hear what God has in store for the Dziagwa’s in 2011 and more. 

I encourage all of you to join your families in some way and simply ask the Lord, “what do you want US to do for YOU?

Thank you for your prayers sweet friends, we appreciate them and they truly are the gift that keep on giving.


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