Tonight I have no pictures.  I’m sorry.  I have a headache and I simply don’t feel like uploading the few that I have.

I went out of the house this evening for about an hour and a half.  Dan said about 20 mins before I came home, Mayah was wandering around the house saying, “mama.”    That did my heart good!  I swooped up that little creature and covered her with kisses when I heard that. 

That is progress my friends, progress.

She no longer jumps up and down in Dan’s face when he walks in the door, she waits her turn and then gives Daddy a hug.

That is progress.

She says, “thank-you” almost ALL of the time without prompting.

That is progress.

She is starting to form the sounds of, “bathroom” when she has to go, instead of just holding herself and waiting for us to respond.

That is progress.

She is so beautiful when she smiles.  And she’s smiling a little more with each passing day.





Thank you for the prayers, we’re beginning to see the answers.  God is so good.


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