A Retraction…

The Bible promises we will have trails when we choose to serve God and not man. 

I will never say it’s always a cake-walk upsetting people you love when you say the wrong thing and mean another. 

The post earlier was simply meant that our children do not need presents, and most certainly not in the amount they received.  Grateful.  Yes, we are very grateful we have family generous enough to treat our children so richly.

Not everyone chooses to raise their children the same way.  That’s the best part of living in this country.  We have freedoms to choose!  There will be times when Dan and I choose to do things exactly as we did when we were kids (rare) or differently to help build a foundation of faith in them early on. 

This world is a changing world.  Many people may mention how things are different now that it’s 2000-whatever.  One thing remains the same.  God’s promises.  Do we not think He wasn’t aware of how this world would turn out in 2010?  Do we think we can “dupe” Him into thinking certain things are okay?  They’re not.  It doesn’t matter what religion you are or how you choose to do things in your family.  God is always the same.  He doesn’t change.  His desires for our lives don’t change.  I can’t begin to tell you how many times Dan and I have had the best of intentions with our family and totally screwed it up before we even started.  That’s the best part of serving such a loving God.  His mercies are new every morning!  God gives us the freedom to screw up.  He’s always there waiting with loving arms welcoming us back to try it all again. 

So while my earlier post began with the best of intentions, I will apologize to those who were hurt.  It was never meant to offend.  We only hope our desires for our family will also be respected.  2011 will be bringing changes to this family and you’re invited to join if you like. 

Whether you read along because you like to, because you’re related to us, or you’re just popping in, please know above all things:  Our family is striving daily to serve God in a way we see fit.  He will guide our paths.  We are so thankful our hearts desires are to draw nearer to Him and to teach our children as early as we can they too can draw near to Him.

Thank you for your prayers, today they were felt and much appreciated.  


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