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Oh Monday

I have no idea where to even start posts anymore.  I simply leave my laptop open and walk over and pop a few sentences in here and there when I have a moment.

Right now, the dishes are done-Alexander is showing, Mayah is next-the kids are coloring-I need to get laundry in-then prepare breakfast and get them all ready to take David to preschool.

I have finished reading RADICAL, by David Platt and I’m extremely moved and ready.  I feel like I’m standing on the edge completely ready to GO and I’m just waiting on the HOW. 

The weekend went crazy fast.  Don’t they always? 

Our social worker comes on Friday to start us on the domestic process.  We are excited.

I need to reschedule 2 chiropractor appts and a play date for the kids-hoping I can still get them all taken care of this week.

Oh, and in an effort to be more healthy-I’m ridding my kitchen of the microwave.  Dan says I’ll regret my decision-so in compromise, I’m going to remove it from the kitchen for 1 month-then after that we’ll decide what’s next.  Anyone else not use a microwave?

Tomorrow I also start my first genuine attempt at reading the bible in a year.

At the end of RADICAL, Dr. Platt shows a website for people to actually pray for the whole world over a year.  I subscribed to receive emails daily.  Hopefully they will start tomorrow.  I think it’s a great way to begin showing the kids there’s a whole world out there and it needs our prayer. 

Dr. Platt also suggests giving 2% of your time in the next year to working outside of your town serving God.  That breaks down to about a week he says.  Our church is planning a missions trip this summer, it’s a week, it’s not in our town.  Good for me!!  Our family is planning on being a part of it in some form or another.  I’m prayerfully searching a recommended website from the pastor searching for our trip.  I know God has one planned for us, and we can’t wait to be a part of it!

Monday Mayah goes to Children’s Main to start the soft band BAHA process.  The woman on the phone says the appt is for an hour-not sure how long it is until we get the actual BAHA’s.  All I can say is I CAN’T WAIT!!  So Monday Dan will have to take a half day off from work to come home with the rest of the kids while I take Mayah.  I’ll pop some dinner in the crockpot and it ought to be perfect by the time sister-girl and I get back!!

Tomorrow we are supposed to get an ice storm.  I suppose I’d better get something special prepared for breakfast! 

Next week Dan and I are also starting the Daniel Fast.  Anyone ever do this? we will do it for 3 weeks.  No coffee, no pop, no coffee, nothing but whole foods and fruits and vegetables, did I mention no coffee?  The foods I can deal with, the coffee is going to be difficult.  I’m looking forward to growing even closer to God and my husband during this time.  So if you pray for us, please pray for strength and guidance next week as we begin the fast.

Saturday is Dan’s second men’s breakfast with the men at our church.  He really enjoyed the last one-I’m planning on making a breakfast casserole for him to take.  Saturday afternoon a friend, her son and two granddaughters are planning on coming to visit.  They haven’t met Mayah yet.  We haven’t seen them since well before we left for Ukraine, we’re looking forward to the visit.  Now…what to make for lunch?

Sunday our church is having a lunch after the service-there will be no AWANA and no Sunday night service-I’m planning on making this salsa and chicken crockpot meal a Facebook friend of mine had suggested a few weeks ago.  Dan and I had it for dinner last week and it was AWESOME!!  Come to think of it…if I don’t’ stop typing, I  won’t have dinner done in time for Dan’s arrival.

We are getting a new fridge today!!  Some friends of ours just bought their first house and we’re getting their old fridge!!  We have a small fridge and while it’s cute—completely unreasonable for our larger family.  It lost it’s cuteness after we had 1 kid truthfully.  I began praying for a fridge and a friend sent me a comment saying they would give us theirs when they moved.  Well, today is the day!!

Thank you for the prayers—our family is really feeling God’s hand upon us.


Mayah’s First ENT Appt

Okay!  Sorry this post has taken all day.  Dan and I were able to sneak away after dropping Mayah off at his parents’ and have lunch together.

Mayah’s appt was at Children’s this morning at 8:30.  Gage and I got up at 5, Dan was next, followed by David, Alexander then Mayah.  I got everyone dressed and packed to head to Nana’s. 

When we got there she had her hearing evaluation.  Mayah and I went into a little booth and she was taught how to let them know if she heard noises in the bone conductive head phones.  She did a great job.  I’m not sure how long we were doing the evaluation, but it was quite some time.  The results were exactly what they expected.  Her hearing with the bone amplified headphones helped her to hear in the normal  hearing range.  Making her a perfect candidate for the BAHA’s we were planning.

It didn’t take long for the doctor to come in.  He let us know all of our options and procedures we need to get done for her.  He started with filling us in on details about BAHA’s-then about building an ear (from the ribs) along with how many surgeries it’s estimated to complete them.  We need to see a “jaw guy”, ophthalmologist, dentist, get a sleep study, a CAT scan and get her fitted for the BAHA soft band.  We were hoping to see the audiologist today, but she wasn’t in.  BOO.  I’ll call on Monday and see when she can return for that.  We really hope it’s quick and we hope it’s next week…we’ll see.

We can’t see the dentist until she gets the CAT and the sleep study, the ophthalmologist we see at the end of Feb…the day after we take David for this EEG.  The sleep people and the CAT people will be calling me next week to schedule appts.  I just have to decide which appts all the kids can go to, and which appts I need to schedule around my MIL’s days off so she can help with the others. 

We realized something very sad for Mayah today. When we got to Nana and Pappy’s the boys started making themselves right at home-when Mayah started taking off her coat I told her she wasn’t staying and she was going with Mama and Daddy.  She looked very sad.  After a few minutes she started to cry.  It was then I realized she probably thought we were returning her.  I told my MIL what I thought while hugging my sweet girl and mimicking that we’re going to the doctor’s and that we’ll all return to play together later-my MIL ran into her bedroom and brought our sweet princess a little bead bracelet.  She was happy.  Though I’m sure my point was not made clearly as she almost vomited on the way there.  We were sure she was stressing out hard core.  We’re also pretty sure she was very happy to arrive at the doctor’s office instead of the airport (though my girl LOVES airplanes).  She was a happy light-hearted girl for practically the entire rest of the day.

So next week we’re hoping to have some more appts made for her and get this process moving.  I’ll also be sending her hearing eval into the elementary school with Alexander on Monday so we can begin moving forward with her speech therapy. 

We cannot wait for her to get her BAHA soft band, it will INSTANTLY help her hearing. 

As of right now, Dan and I plan to make decisions regarding her hearing and overall health-cosmetic surgeries are not our point of concern. 

Thank you for the prayers, today was an eventful day and we’re happy to get the ball rolling for our girl.

Changes and Progress

So much has gone on this week.  So today (Thursday, in case I forget to post) I’m going to try to blog throughout the day to actually get posted by tonight)

I loathe clutter.  Our house is not huge (right now).  Tuesday I was able to re-arrange a few things in our kitchen to make it more functional.  I love the new FREE space. 

I am desperate for more to do throughout the day with the kids.  Yet I kept saying, “I don’t have a homeschool curriculum yet so…”  SO God was like, “use the resources I have given you already!”  Now, in our roomy, functional kitchen we have our organized school area.  I’m so excited.  I love organization!  Now…to get started on the work.  Today…or next week.

Gage no longer uses a crib!  Last night he slept in the big boy bed for the first night!  He rocked it, never woke up and came out this morning as happy as could be that he could just walk out to me when he woke up. 

I was able to reorganize and move some furniture in their room and now they have tons of FREE space to play happily.  All four of them fit nicely in there to play.  Sometimes they play in Mayah’s room, but not often.

My next project in their room is to de-toy them AGAIN.  No matter what I do, they still have too much.  So many toys do not get played with.  Hopefully we’ll work on that today or Saturday.

While I would love to say our family is rockin’ the 40 day mission minded family challenge, we never made it past day 3.  It was definitely not from God for us to do that together at this point in our lives.  While I would LOVE to do that as a family-we simply aren’t ready.  We have other areas which need growth before we take that step. 

Tomorrow Mayah goes to Children’s Hospital for the first time.  Dan has the day off, so we are headed out there just the 3 of us!  The boys are very excited to get to spend the day with Nana and Pappy and we are excited they are willing to do it.

David is a little better after 7 days of his iron.  He gets melatonin  to help him to go to sleep earlier and he is getting 10.5-12 hours of sleep a night.  What a difference!  Sunday and Monday he fell asleep before 7 pm on his own and slept at least 11 hours both nights.  Tuesday he fell asleep on the couch on his own for a nap as well.  That was the day I was able to get so much stuff done organization-wise because Alexander was at school and the other 3 kids napped.

Okay…this has taken all day…Mayah goes to children’s tomorrow so we’ll have another update!!

Winds of Change

I’m not the only one who now looks at David a little differently.  A little more gently.  Realizing your child is not ‘typical’ changes things.  I for one am rather happy with it.  I believe the company we shared this evening felt the same way.  Each person who interacted with David had a bit more gentleness in their voices and added a bit more patience.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we treated him meanly, no one did.  Admittedly though there’s a difference when you know there’s a reason behind certain actions and your child is not doing things deliberately. 

I’m just so glad we know.  I’m so glad actions are being taken to get our real David to us.

We all are.

I even heard, when someone saw David in a picture taken recently, how “sick” he looked.  In my opinion, David has looked “sick” to me for quite some time.  Maybe I just look at him through a Mama’s eyes-with a direct link to my Mother’s Instinct.

We are all eagerly awaiting this to kick in for our sweet boy.  Fervently praying this is the answer. 

On a side note, and Mayah related:  She is really blossoming!  She is bonding to me rather well.  She is starting to show random affection.  We visited today and she showed proper affection and didn’t bounce in front of people demanding attention.  Today was really one of the best visiting days we’ve ever had.  I truly enjoyed myself. 

Tomorrow I may have time to post on Mayah’s blossoming.  I’ve been wanting to do that recently.  I’m just so excited.

Thank you friends, for the prayers.  We can’t ever have enough.

David is Such a David

In our family that has become a coined term.  While many say it endearingly, it still ruffles my feathers. 

For David, shadowing Alexander will never be easy.  Alexander is textbook genius (IMO, of course!) he knew all of his shapes and colors by 18 months, potty trained at 24 months, spoke in complete sentences before 2.  He also listens very well.

David…well, he’s David.  I have almost always known something was “wrong” with him.  I just never knew what.  When he was a baby…and up until…now he has cried incessantly.  He’s a picky eater and will sooner starve for the night than try something new.  It was always difficult for people to watch him over night because of his relentless tears, but he made it.  He’s moody.  While he too knows his shapes and colors, teaching him wasn’t as easy as Captain Memory.  I have to get in David’s face and tell him to, “Look at my nose” when he’s talking to me so he stops wandering all over the place.  I’ve researched autism, ADHD and prayed and prayed against major illnesses over the past few years.  Just over a year ago, my sweet BFF took my hand one night, and prayed for my David as well.  For just over a year my fears were quenched from that moment on.  Dan has always thought I was crazy and now thinks otherwise. 

**all that to say, it’s difficult enough to follow his brother and often people forget their nearly 2 years apart because they look so similar, but to add all this on top of him just seems a burden I prefer him not to carry**

Before I get into the rest of it, I absolutely have to tell about David’s positive qualities.  David has a heart like no other.  He has “smiling eyes”  you know, the cartoons that have the arches that are in the shape of a frown because the smile is so big??  That’s David.  His giggle is contagious.  He is the snuggliest kid I’ve ever met and I love it.  Secretly, I LOVE when he crawls into bed with Dan and I (though I’ve stopped it almost completely now) because he would just cuddle right into me.  Better than any teddy-bear could ever do.  I like to refer to him as my “Pocket David”  because I just want to keep him in my pocket and pull him out when I need a smile. 

David and Mayah had their ped appts on Wednesday.  We have a new doctor, and thank God for His divine timing!  The doctor was inquisitive, and through many questions he was able to wager a guess David is iron deficient.  This morning, the doctor’s office called and the doctor explained David’s results to me.  After reading all about iron deficiency in children yesterday, I realized David could be the poster child for Iron deficiency.  All of his levels were low.  A normal level is 50 for a child his age and his was 23.  The doctor  “prescribed” (iron is otc) 45 mg of elemental iron a day.  He suggested we mix it with OJ since vitamin C absorbs it much faster.  If you’ve ever met David you know he drinks 2 things:  water and milk.  Before you say he drinks too much milk, since he was 18 months or so, I’ve mixed his milk and water, disgusting, but David drinks it.  In order to get David to get his iron we have to measure out 3 droppers full into a bowl and put a bit of OJ in the bowl and mix them.  Then I take the plastic medicine syringe we have and suck up the mixture and wrestle David to get 3.5 syringes in David’s mouth. 

Now, here are David’s symptoms:  irritability, sleep deprived, short (which is an understatement) attention span, inability to concentrate, learning disability, pale skin, whites of eyes are so white they look blue, no appetite (not to say he NEVER wants to eat, but he’s the pickiest eater ever!)—basically everything listed if you were to look it up with the exception of laziness.  David is anything but lazy.  The doctor is going to check his levels in two months. 

Tonight I just sat and held David and cried.  I mourned his first 3.5 years of misery.  When it all comes down to it, that would be the one word properly chosen to sum up his life thusfar.  I’m not sure I can think of anything that outright makes David happy all of the time.  I wished I would have said something sooner to help my poor tiny man.  I cannot sit and cry over the what-if’s-instead I can be thankful it was caught by our new awesome doctor and that everythign is on God’s timetable.  Morever, I’m also thankful it’s just iron deficiency. 

We cannot even fathom a David any different than what we have.  Obviously we love him exactly as he is, but to have a David that doesn’t cry all the time and enjoys the majority of his life is a dream for me.  We are excited.

Thank you for the prayers!  God is the Almighty Physician.

A Few Days Ago I Started This Post…

I’ve read the first few chapters of The connected child by Dr. Karen Purvis and I’m reading Radical (If you haven’t read it START IT!)

The Connected Child is awesome.  In fact, I’m using a few of the discipline tools for the boys as well.  So far, so good! 

The social worker is finally coming today.  We’ve had to reschedule twice!  Dan and I still aren’t sure if we’re going to go down the fostering route, but at least we’ll receive some awesome education and be prepared to adopt from the US foster program should the opportunity arise.  The first time it was cancelled was weather, the second time the SW had to go to the ER he was rushing to our house and shut his finger in the door!!  He got six stitches.  Dan and I have had to ask ourselves a few times if this was God’s way of saying No don’t do this or simply more warfare against the greater good.  An ice storm was predicted for today so we said, “Surely if we have to cancel again we’re simply not rescheduling!”  No ice, just wet, no school delays.  So far, we’re still on for this afternoon.  We’re looking forward to it.

I missed a great online deal for some eBooks yesterday for homeschooling.  I’m really kicking myself for that one.  I had no idea the sale would be over by the time I could grab a minute this morning and pick five books.  Bummer. 

And by this point in the day we have to cancel our SW coming again.  Dan is unable to leave work to be here in time.  We’re going to have to pray about this situation before we move forward. 

Where I picked up again…this post was originally started on Tuesday.  It’s now Thursday!  I forgot it was here, sorry!

The SW and I were finally able to touch base.  We’ve been playing phone tag since  Tuesday.  Two weeks and he should be here. It ended up being for the better we had to cancel on Dan’s account, because by the time the kids and I returned from grocery shopping, I was sick!  I had so much sinus pressure I could barely take it.  On Wednesday, after David’s blood work, I was able to secure some sinus medication that relieved my headache and the pressure…three doses later. 

Though as I sit here on Thursday afternoon, I’ve got a terrible sore throat, my voice is hoarse, and my right ear is screaming in pain.  Ugh…I’m ready for this to be O-V-E-R.  It’s rare I get sick. 

Today Miss Mayah woke up a bear!  Total grump for a few hours straight.  Normally, in this house, if “Sleeping Beauty” is up before 8:30, she’s grump for a bit…these past few days she has been getting up early and her attitude has been all Dan and I could take.  Seriously.  Driven over the edge.  I’m happy to report, she is not sitting at the table, it’s 3:30 in the afternoon and I made her take a nap at 10:15 this morning!  She took a 4.5 hour nap.  I’m pretty sure she even has more color in her face.  She has smiled, sung a song and is even talking to David. 

We are also supposed to get another snow storm tonight.  The snow has started to fall, Alexander will be home from school in an hour and I’m having Dan pick up some cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk in the instance school is cancelled tomorrow morning.  I always make special snow-day breakfast.

We haven’t heard from the pediatrician’s office since this morning.  The nurse called to say not all of David’s blood work has been returned and the doctor will call when it’s all in.  After a bit of research today about being iron deficient, David seems to be the poster child.  He has nearly every symptom.  Hopefully we’ll have results before the weekend. 

For now, I will end this particular post and begin working on another one and HOPEFULLY we’ll have results about David!

Thank you for the prayers dear friends, we are grateful  to receive them.

Doc Appts Update

I have a few quick minutes here this morning while 3 kids are watching Baby Einstein and David is still sleeping. Oh yes, it’s 7:14 am and he’s still in bed!!

Yesterday, David and Mayah had pediatrician appts.  We started going to a new pediatrician, this was our first visit.  I was quite sick yesterday so Dan had to take off to help with the kids.  I wanted to sleep the day away, but work had to be done!  I did make it to bed early so that was a major help.

All 4 kids did a great job at the office. 

okay, so David is up at 7:16 am, still that’s almost 12 hours.  He did get up a few times because of coughing, still quite an accomplishment for our little guy.

So…back do the appts.  We’ll start with Mayah, who was seen second.  In Ukraine they told us she had scoliosis.  While we know nothing about scoliosis, we were certain she did not have it.  We were correct.  Where do they come up with some of this stuff?  Mayah sees an ENT at Children’s Hospital  to get checked out for future hearing possibilities.  In Ukraine they said her hearing loss was at 2nd or 3rd degree-4th being complete hearing loss.  She hears remarkably well.  The doc said it’s likely even though she doesn’t have actual ears, all the parts on the inside of her head are working properly.  Wrong again, Ukraine.  And lastly, in Ukraine they said Mayah does poorly in school.  She was the oldest in her groupa house by a few years.  The older kids in her age group, were in the house next to her-now we know why.  They did get something right.  The kids weren’t really placed by age only they were placed by school level as well.  Mayah was in the beginning level with the younger kids.  This they actually got right.  The doctor said she’s more like a 4 year old, which we had figured out, but nice to hear. 

As for speech, the doc said to keep pressing the school district.  I will be calling them again today.  Ugh.

And now on to David.  David has had sleep issues since he was born practically.  It’s never gotten better over the years.  Leaving me with many years of never sleeping through the night…David too.

He said if David isn’t getting 12 hours of sleep, he’s going to be rather cranky.  David’s always cranky.  Funny when he’s on his game, but cranky most times.  It’s quite sad because people don’t get to see the silly funny cute little man we have because it’s so hard to get past his moodiness.  We have him melatonin much earlier than normal last night, in the hopes he would go to bed earlier than normal and sleep until his regular wake-up time.  Night 1 was a success, so we’ll see how the rest of them go!  The doctor also did blood work on David.  He said children with iron deficiencies often do not sleep well.  He was certainly not surprised when I said David was the pickiest eater I’ve ever met. 

The doctor was calling Children’s to get David and Mayah seen on the same days.  He is getting David an EEG first thing in the morning and Mayah will be seen in the afternoon.  Different office than I wanted to go to but EEG’s are only done at this particular office.  Oh well.  So instead of an epilepsy eval, David will get an EEG.  Not sure when these appts will be yet, as this office is much easier to get into.  I may be calling the doc’s office later this morning, though they seem rather efficient on their own.  All in all, he said it was possible David had a seizure but again, hard to tell.  So EEG it is!

As for the appts, that is everything that we know of right now.  So today I will call the school district about speech again and hopefully we will get some results of David’s blood work and get our new plan for when these two get to Children’s.

I had started a regular post a few days ago, (Tuesday) but I think I forgot to finish it.  I’ll get on that later today.  Must feed the masses before the riot!

Thanks for the prayers.