Happy New Year….delayed

We had a wonderful new year’s eve get together with some families at Shannon Creek Baptist Church.  It started at 8 and we left by 930.  Gage was tired and extremely cranky!  The other kids were having a blast playing with my friend Vikki’s youngest daughters.  Beautiful little red-heads!!

God kindly reminded me of some mistakes Dan and I made during the Christmas season as well.  How could our children remember it was the birth of Christ we were celebrating if WE rarely brought it up.  While we weren’t overly concerned with toys and how many presents the kids were getting and what WE were getting ( we really don’t do presents for each other, I got a pair of slippers, cheap and highly needed) we also didn’t talk about the excitement the season should bring with the birth of Jesus.

Our family is going through some major changes and they’re all so exciting.  More to come on that in the future.  Tomorrow we start the 40 day mission minded family challenge.  Though by the time this is posted it will be Monday as this has taken me 2 days already to get this far.  We’ve really been enjoying life together as a family of six!

Wow.  It’s been over 24 hours just to get to this paragraph. 

We’ve started day one of the mission minded family challenge.  We had to display a map/globe in the house somewhere.  Right now we have a globe, I’d like to get a map hung up on the wall somewhere.  Maybe I’ll send Dan to buy one this week on his way home from work.

We have been praying about particulars in our family:  the first answer came in the realization it’s not in the best interest of our family to spend tons of money to head to the DR this summer, even if it is for missions.  It’s hard for me to accept, yet I know it’s what God is wanting from us.  We think it’s important to teach our children on a more local level initially.  Including praying for people in general.  Praying and asking God to show us how He wants us to work as a family spreading His love. 

I did manage to find a summer camp teaching children about missions.  It may be something I take Alexander to this summer.  As the kids get older they begin to do smaller missions projects and ultimately getting out internationally into the mission field the older they get.  So far, seems pretty awesome to me!  We will be keeping that one in prayers as well.

Mayah is saying, “DRINK” every time she wants a drink now.  Through some promptings, I was able to get her to say, “mama drink please” tonight!!  We all cheered!

She still has the extra moody days where anything can set her off into tears or a fit.  Sometimes it’s like watching on eggshells with her.  We’re still holding her close and laughing with her and she’s learning we’re not going anywhere

Tomorrow I need to call Children’s and solidify an appointment with them for her.  I whispered to her in the dark one night and she responded.  Even without holes in her head where hears should be, she hears way better than anyone gave her credit for.  We’re eager to see how well she can really hear and what our next steps will be for her.  Dan and I do not want to choose any unnecessary surgeries for our girl.

A close family member stopped by the house today and Mayah was excited yet did not jump into anyone’s arms.  She’s learning!!  I was so proud of her.  She also didn’t hang around expecting presents from the visitor.  She simply said hello happily and went back to coloring in the other room.  Each day brings some form of progress with her. 

Each day she gets more and more beautiful.  I’m so blessed to have such a princess for a daughter.  Thank you God!

Dan and I are excited about what 2011 is going to bring for our family spiritually.  God is doing such amazing things in each of us and our prayers together are bringing us so much closer. 

Now that the holidays are over, Dan will be back to work regularly and life with return to normal.  Tomorrow marks one month with Mayah Elizabeth and I came home to the USA!  I can’t believe she’s only been here a month.  She has changed so much!

Since it’s been a few days, I will show some pictures to keep up with us visually.

003Painting together


007While it was cold outside it was a small break in the weather from the snow.  Mayah has only played in the yard in the snow.  She was so excited with everything she found.

008Mayah loves dogs, so I thought for sure she would LOVE meeting Casimir-our cousins’ dog.  Our yards meet at the far ends so I walked with Mayah over to meet him.  She wasn’t all that impressed.  I was SHOCKED!  And poor Cas, he just wanted to play.

009She loved bouncing!!

010he loves riding this thing down the hill

011012playing in what little snow we have left while waiting for Alexander’s bus.


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  1. Oh YAY!!! I want to know more about the other exciting changes because I am loving these ones!!! Mayah’s progress is amazing, and she just looks so much HAPPIER!!!! I celebrated last Friday!! I mean, one month HOME is a huge deal for us after the ordeal at the end!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!!! 😉

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo and thinking about you alot!!!

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