Greener on the Other Side…

Today was one of those days.  Though I’m optimistic as it’s not over yet.  A new Bible study at our new church awaits us both tonight.  A friend gracious enough to share her daughter is going to watch the kids in the nursery so I can go too.  I’m looking forward to it.  AND the kids will be very excited as they can go in their jammies.  I’m sure they’ll want to take their pillow pets along as well. 

The day started out rather well.  Alexander stayed home –his eyes are pink-getting better now, I think it’s just his cold.  They aren’t bothering him at all.  David had preschool, I had a WIC appt and overall we had a good day. 

I didn’t get laundry done.

Dinner is rather simple.

And more importantly, I didn’t play with the kids.

We don’t get days back.  Everyday is a gift from the Lord and today I chose to waste my gift.  I will not feel down about the mistake for the entire day. 

Day two in the mission minded family challenge was to pray about sponsoring a child.  Absolutely!  We’re in!  Now, where to start?  There are oh so many organizations wiling to take your hard earned money, and oh so few willing to take it and share God’s love while feeding/housing the children. 

Before the family got together for the challenge yesterday evening, I posted on Facebook about organizations we were looking for.  I got a few really good responses.  In the interest of helping to get the word out about the trustworthy ones, I’ll give them each a HOLLA!

HOWEVER, I’ll have to give the shout out tomorrow, I wrote the first part before we went to Bible study and this second part is being one after 10pm.

SO….sadly, no pictures today.

Dan and I both got to go to the Bible studies tonight at the new church.  Originally it was just him that was supposed to go.  Being a small church, they don’t have childcare for everything.  I’m going to a new bible study on Friday with my BFF (Hi Billie!) so it’s not like I’m regularly missing out on fellowship and sharing time in the Word with other believers.

I REALLY enjoyed mine.  Dan REALLY enjoyed his.  I just loved being in there sharing with all the wonderful ladies of all ages in the church.

It’s late. So hopefully tomorrow I’ll have more time to devote and continue adding new things and sharing Mayah’s progress and our mission minded family challenge steps.

Thank you all for the prayers!! 


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