One Month Home!

I cannot believe it’s been a whole month since we’ve been home!  More like late tonight marks the month mark, but it’s close enough!!

Today Mayah said, “Drink Mama please”  all on her own.  How awesome!!

We are now pouting less and smiling more.

Tattling less and playing more.

All in just a month.

It’s a rare occasion (meaning less than once a day) do we catch her rocking herself while playing or watching a movie.

At night I go into her room to settle her rocking once or twice.  She still has no idea how to cuddle at night with the collection of stuffed animals she has in her bed.  So each night, after prayers, we put her cute caterpillar under her arms and she hugs him.  However, when I go in a few minutes later she’s already let go.  He is no longer far away from her in her bed though.  Each night is more of a success than the night before.

She’s adjusted rather well we must say. 

Today we enjoyed reading the Bible together and doing AWANA homework together.  It was nice to make it a family activity.  Afterwards we all went outside to play in the unseasonably nice weather we had outside.  Alexander went off to school, and they rode bikes downstairs while I folded laundry.  I simply had a wonderful wonderful day with all my kids. 

Dan and I received a standard letter from the pastor of a local church we have been attending the past few weeks.  At the bottom was his home number and cell number with an invitation to get together shortly.  I have been wanting to invite he and his wife to our house for dinner so this was a nice invite to invite.  The decision to leave our current church was a Because this blog is public, we do not care to share our reasons for leaving but if you are a current member of our former church home, please keep in touch with us as we love everyone so dearly. 

That being said, the next adventure our family is about to begin.  While we have no definite yes or no at the present time, we are positive that at least moving forward in this direction is where we’d like to go.  There is a social worker coming to begin our home visits to get our family certified to become a foster family in Pennsylvania. The process to foster and adopt domestically all begin the same way, so this is where we’re going next.  Whether God opens us up to become a foster family or to adopt from the foster system is up to HIM and Him alone.  Together we are pressing forward and are open to the Holy Spirit telling us in which direction to lead our family.  If YOU  have experience in any foster/domestic situations please feel free to email me 

We appreciate your prayers, God is surely on the move!!




my little princess was not happy about getting mud on her pants when she was chasing Cas.  When she saw I wasn’t mad, she got over it.


010011012She had so much fun chasing Cas today (yesterday) up and down once she realized he wanted to play.

013G LOVES Cas.

014Silly girl!

015She was actually hugging the caterpillar!


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  1. I love your heart!! You have beautiful kids! I am SOOOO excited about you starting the process towards fostering! That is awesome! 🙂

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