Stealing Again…

A few weeks ago I posted an exact copy of Adeye’s post of a plea for Kevin’s forever family to step up.

Once again, God did amazing things and once again I’m stealing Adeye’s post announcing Kevin’s forever family!!  God is amazing, isn’t He?

We are asking every person who has read this blog to please consider donating at least $1 to their paypal account.  Here is Adeye’s post:


After a VERY quick pre-approval from Ch*na…I can now share with you who Guan Wei’s (aka "Kevin") family is.  Yippeeeeeeeee.
This is the O’Malley family.


What an unfolding miracle their journey has been.  This amazing family is adopting not one, but two, very special boys.  Their paperwork is already in Ch*na for their first son (who is such a cutie) which is why they are able to adopt Guan Wei.  They HAVE to adopt him by February 8th in order to get him out of the country.  I mentioned in my first appeal for him that a family HAS to legally adopt him before his 14th birthday (which is Feb 9).  The next few weeks are going to be one big journey of faith for them.  Every single detail has to fall into place perfectly, without any delays.  Ch*na will not make any exceptions to their rule on having to be adopted before a child turns 14. ONLY God can do this.
Please pray for them.  You can follow along on their blog right here.
Also, if you feel led, please consider sowing into their adoption financially.  Obviously there is absolutely no time to fund raise for this adoption. This is last minute stuff.  Due to a few very generous donations they are still only in need of $7000.00 in order to complete the adoption.  Goodness, that is NOTHING to rescue a child.  Nothing at all. 
Please prayerfully consider helping out.  I know it will be such a humongous blessing to them.  They are going into this by faith, by faith, by faith….trusting that God will take care of each and every detail.  Every amount donated adds up. No amount is too small–God multiplies it all.  This we know all too well.

All donations are tax deductible and can be done through their agency, Small World Adoptions.  PLEASE just be sure to mention "Guan Wei" in the comments on the check-out page.  That way all donated funds will go directly to the O’Malleys.
Go here to donate.
Thank you, friends, from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you praying this beautiful boy all the way to his family.  Thank you for interceding on his behalf when there was a desperate need.  It is going to be so wonderful following along and seeing him join his family.  Praise God.
By the way, Donna (the mom) has told me that the children in this orphanage are NOT told beforehand that they are being adopted–so even now he has absolutely no idea that someone is coming for him.  Can you just imagine the JOY when he is eventually told?  Oh my.  I wish I could be there to see his reaction.  How fun would that be?
The Lord has done great things!
*** Updated: A chip-in has been added on their blog for those of you who would prefer to donate via paypal.


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  1. I just donated a dollar to their chip-in after reading your blog. I’m sure these people will think I’m goofy for donating a dollar but if all 29,000 hits on your blog donate to them then I think they will be grateful.

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