Does She Feel?

It’s a question we have to ask ourselves daily.

This girl can go from crying and pouting to laughing in a nanosecond. 

There are many standard orphanage behaviors Mayah exhibits.  Truthfully, with her being the oldest and having no physical or mental limitations there are days it’s difficult for us to realize she’s still not a typical 7 year old little girl.

She’s improving on not interrupting a conversation not involving her with her whole body, but she still interrupts if the attention, any attention isn’t on her and her alone.  She used to jump up and down in front of you with her arms waiving like crazy.  Now she pulls on you and tosses toys in your face saying your name over and over and over again.  This is becoming more like a typical child…annoying nonetheless. 

The other day she was tapping on the window and Dan told her , “no” and she threw a screaming and crying fit that landed her in her room.  On most occasions there  are no fits.  She simply pouts very dramatically…only if you’re looking.  If the boys are around, she forgets she was pouting at all.  If she’s pouting and you pout with her she laughs like crazy, same goes for all out tears.  There are other times, if you watch her closely and she doesn’t know it, she will wait and try to make herself cry before uttering any sad sounds. 

Overall, I think she’s just trying to do what she thinks we think she should be doing.  As soon as we show her she can feel another way, she takes that route too.  In  just the month she has been home there has been remarkable changes her behavior.  She hasn’t hit Gage in a while, which is always a positive thing. 

I think it was Meredith Cornish’s blog I read about personal belongings.  Understanding what she wrote gave me a better perspective on dealing with Mayah and the sharing issues.   Every kid doesn’t want to share, she’s just excessive.  The language barriers certainly don’t help.  It will only have to be time and time again with her to realizes the toys will still be around for her to play with when someone else is done.  On a plus side, she no longer hoards toys in backpacks.  We’ve had to eliminate almost all of her bags and purses for a while because she would take everything she could.  She did this in the orphanage so we weren’t surprised.  If we were missing something we knew exactly where to look.  Now, she only has a few toys in there, and really…she just wants to put something in that pretty purple princess book bag of hers. 

I also don’t believe she rocked herself to sleep at all last night.  But I wasn’t in there so it’s really hard to say.  Every time I went to check on her, she looked like she was in the same position as the prior check.  Though I have noticed that when we’re getting the boys in their beds and she is in her’s she is rocking.  I say her name and smile at her, sometimes I go in and rub her back for a minute and get back to rounding up the boys.

She practiced writing her name on the chalkboard today, she’s getting so much better!!


I even caught her and Gage playing with a toy car together


She loves little Margo—Margo loves me.  She’s not a kid-dog.  She tries to away from them.  Margo’s more like a snobby cat.


Gage LOVES this baby doll. 


We are making progress understanding Mayah and her behaviors more and more each day.  So whomever has been praying, thank you.  I’m sure even Mayah appreciates them.


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  1. Tammy,

    This is the stange that I began to get frustrated… I could handle the temper tantrums or her being emotional… but it was the contant chatter, the interuptions, the demanding 100% attention that drove me nutz! LOL!! It is all control…. she (like ELina) is trying to grasp control of anything and everything. Elina stuffed things in backpacks or under her bed… things of Connor’s that she liked and wanted to take control of. His little kids computer, one of his play cell phones… none of it was a big deal… BUT I had to stop it all… I would say give her control of a couple things that you feel that she can have control of… ie laying clothes out, being a helper with laundry… so she feels useful… I find when I remember to give Elina control of a few things…. she stops trying to control me.

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