Getting Bella…mostly pics

it’s the easiest and quickest way to get caught back up again in our lives;)

We have a new member of the family…

Bella Dziagwa!! 

My dream dog.  My friend Maria from elementary school posted an email or Facebook comment when I was in Ukraine about someone wanting a Choco lab.  ME ME ME I believe was my reply.  I’ve always always always wanted a chocolate lab.


Now we have 3 dogs.  Large, medium and small.  Bella, Gabby and Margo.

Bella is so good with the kids.  They’re all used to having dogs so her newness is almost gone for them…for me it’s a different story.  I still can’t believe she’s here!!

We had kept this a secret for almost 2 months, from everyone.  We met Maria’s Mother and Father in Law in West Virginia so we went to Cabellas for about an hour before we met them and took custody of sweet Bella.



These two were happy to have their lunches on the way, the other 2 were sleeping.


006David cracked me up, he took all the meat and all the cheese in his lunchable and put it all between two crackers.  You can’t see it because Dan was driving but that kid makes me laugh.  I’m so thankful for my silly little middle man. No he did not eat that way



I had never been to Cabella’s.  It’s really beautiful on the inside.  I’ll still probably never go again.  ha-ha


Mayah’s face was lit up much of the time.  Being in busy places often overwhelms her, as time passes she is getting better, I just keep a close hold on her when we’re out (not just for bonding, she is oblivious to the world around her and will walk in front of people, carts, or  cars when outside!) 

012The fish were huge!!


Me with my crew and Daddy with the crew.  David spied the elephant a mile away, he LOVES elephants!

At this point in the picture with me in it, Mayah wanted to climb on the rocks behind us (there was water below) and I was holding tightly onto her and she was not happy. 

016By the end she was relaxing a bit more.

017they cracked me up with the automatic hand dryers.  Now, every time I see one, I’m reminded of the day I got Mayah out of the orphanage.  She had no idea what an automatic hand dryer was and they scared her at first.  The things we take for granted, huh?

018019Playing in the chairs, yes…we let Gage out to play too.  Dan even played.

020I LOVE this chair!!


He had fun getting out to stretch out his legs too!


They still had no idea why we were at Cabella’s in the first place.

031At this point, David said, “hey look at that dog over there”

Oh we were looking alright.  I was like a kid at Christmas.

033She was freezing outside.  She came right to me.  I brought treats for the ride home.  This is in our van, Gage was out of his seat and the others were all secured in their seats.  I think we did eventually let them all get out before we left.  Maria’s Mother in Law was sad to see Bella go, she really loved her.  They just weren’t’’ able to keep her.  Their dog was getting a hip replacement and they worried about its safety because the two wrestled often. 


she rode underneath the rear 3 kids on the way home.  I rode in the middle seat in the row with Gage in case she was hyper or needed something….but we barely new she was there.


The seat in my van really isn’t that green, I’m not sure what the problem was.


And on the way home, Dan had to run into wal-mart for some things for dinner and they had the turtle pillow pet I was wanting…so he got it for me!!  I Love it,

His name is Maximillion Africa (Don’t ask) 

The dogs are settling in nicely.  Bella follows me around everywhere and I love it

Thanks Maria!!  The newest members of our family are all settling nicely.  Mayah loves dogs and Bella loves kids so we thought this would be a perfect mix.  But Mayah still prefers Margo and Margo prefers not to be touched by anyone but me.  Oh well, she’s getting used to it. 

Sorry this post is so impersonal, I will do another post to continue getting caught up.


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  1. I love it!!! This is such a sweet way to remember picking her up and looks like you had fun at Cabelas. I’m so glad you are taking such good care of her. You guys are awesome 🙂

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