Got Colds?

Most of the family has colds.  All but Dan and Alexander.  Mayah is the worst with the dry cough.  Poor girl.  She’s a trooper though.

Gage…he doesn’t really have one I guess…and David’s is minimal.  I have one, with a little bit of ear and throat pain but it’s nothing that warrants any medication. 

Just more vitamins to kick it out of us!

Today even started out awesomely.  Don’t you just love days like that?

Big accomplishments for Alexander and Mayah.  Alexander took a shower 100% alone!  He was so excited when he finished that he required no help.  Mayah was about 95% unaccompanied.  While they were showering, I was able to start breakfast, clean up a bit and start laundry!  I might add how much I cannot wait until the little 2 can do the same.  Though I certainly don’t want to rush their childhood away.

After everyone was fed and 2 were showered we headed out the door to a new friend’s house!  She’s a fellow adoptive mom (both internationally and domestically)  so adding my four to the brood was nothing this morning.  We enjoyed talking for a short time and then the kids and I had to go.  Today was alexander’s special day with Nana and Pap.  So I dropped him off at their house and the other 3 and I came home.  G is still sleeping!! 

David and Mayah traced some letters today while I did dishes.  One traced and the other played v-smile motion in the other room, then they switched.  Lunch was prepared and while I was waiting for mine to be done, I had them take off their shirts and I got out the shaving cream!!


They each had a cookie sheet covered in shaving cream.  Mayah was able to recognize some letters in her name and write them correctly.  She did a nice job.  David can recognize more letters than I ever gave him credit for so we’re going to work more on that.  He was able to scribble a D onto the sheet, but any other letter (unless it was a large O) was futile.

David and Mayah go to the pediatrician this week.  David, we believe may have some form of epilepsy or sleep disorder.  Either one would describe quite a bit about his overall behavior.  I’ll elaborate more on that tin another post.

Mayah goes to Children’s for her ENT eval this month and David goes on Feb 10th to be evaluated by the epilepsy department.  We will be happy to get some answers.

Mayah got her new hat from Faith Jobes’ fundraiser.  If you like it contact me and I’ll tell you where you can get one for $10 including shipping!  Mayah has 3…so far.


We cannot say enough about our new church!!  Really.  Awesome.  Home.  Amazing.  Yesterday they announced a meeting for a missions team to gather before the prayer meeting….immediately after service Dan says, “I take it you’ll be here tonight then?”  Of course!! 

I’d also like to add how well Mayah and Alexander did in the room across the hallway while I was at the meeting.  They had AWANA after the meeting so they had to come with me.  I took crayons, paper, a magna-doodle and their v-smile with 2 games.  They were awesome!  Alexander came into the meeting a few times to deliver some “notes” from Alexander to Mommy-and Mayah came in once because she needed help on her game.  I was so immensely proud of them for being so good, not wandering, and not getting into anything while waiting for me.

If you have experience planning local missions trips and you’re reading this, please email me for any helpful tips.  We’re all so excited to see where God is leading us.

The other day after playing in the snow, Gage fell asleep at the lunch table.  Needless to say, he ate when he woke up.


Mayah’s behaviors are improving overall.  She’s more and more like a typical girl with each day.  Tattling on her brothers and bossing them around.  I’ve eased up a bit on her with eating and she’s improving.  She would stuff everything in her mouth if there was more on the plate so I fed her on her plate piece by piece.  As she improved I would add another waiting piece.  Today she has had no help and hasn’t really had to be reminded either.  She is doing so well!

I’m planning to get her a referral for speech while at the ped this week. 

As far as homeschooling goes, I plan on she and David doing the same preschool program and Alexander will do first grade.

I don’t think we’re sending David to the prek4 program next year at the public school.  He’s simply not ready.  It’s M-F half day (and that’s 5 hours!) riding the bus and eating at the school.  For David, I believe it will be too much for him.  We only intended for Alexander to go this year because of the adoption and we didn’t want him to miss out academically.  The preschool teacher at David’s school said they won’t likely be doing a 4-5program next year because of all the parents sending their kids to the k4 program. 

Figures.  I had wanted him to do another year there.

Oh well.  If they don’t have it, we’ll just welcome him here to our little home-schoolhouse!

The renovations we’re planning at home will likely make life so much easier for the entire family.  Including visitors.

We’re adding a full bathroom in the basement and finishing the basement making it the family room…a large  family room.  It’s the size of the whole upstairs.  We’re going to remove the front stoop and remove the front door making that all wall.  Adding a door from the kitchen to the (former) living room and make the living room our bedroom (it’s much bigger than what we have now!!)  We’d like to put another driveway on the other side of the house and exchange the kitchen window for a door.  Adding sliding glass doors to the downstairs making it fully accessible for people;le who cannot do stairs and still be able to use the bathroom!  This spring, we will fence our yard making the outside much better for everyone!  I cannot wait.  I’m soooo ready for a change.  Not to mention the kitchen and hallway are getting new tiles and all bedrooms are getting new carpet.  It’s all original and all in need of repair.  I’M SO EXCITED!!!

In any case, the kids are done coloring, I need a shower and g is still sleeping so I’m capitalizing on that one.


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