Doc Appts Update

I have a few quick minutes here this morning while 3 kids are watching Baby Einstein and David is still sleeping. Oh yes, it’s 7:14 am and he’s still in bed!!

Yesterday, David and Mayah had pediatrician appts.  We started going to a new pediatrician, this was our first visit.  I was quite sick yesterday so Dan had to take off to help with the kids.  I wanted to sleep the day away, but work had to be done!  I did make it to bed early so that was a major help.

All 4 kids did a great job at the office. 

okay, so David is up at 7:16 am, still that’s almost 12 hours.  He did get up a few times because of coughing, still quite an accomplishment for our little guy.

So…back do the appts.  We’ll start with Mayah, who was seen second.  In Ukraine they told us she had scoliosis.  While we know nothing about scoliosis, we were certain she did not have it.  We were correct.  Where do they come up with some of this stuff?  Mayah sees an ENT at Children’s Hospital  to get checked out for future hearing possibilities.  In Ukraine they said her hearing loss was at 2nd or 3rd degree-4th being complete hearing loss.  She hears remarkably well.  The doc said it’s likely even though she doesn’t have actual ears, all the parts on the inside of her head are working properly.  Wrong again, Ukraine.  And lastly, in Ukraine they said Mayah does poorly in school.  She was the oldest in her groupa house by a few years.  The older kids in her age group, were in the house next to her-now we know why.  They did get something right.  The kids weren’t really placed by age only they were placed by school level as well.  Mayah was in the beginning level with the younger kids.  This they actually got right.  The doctor said she’s more like a 4 year old, which we had figured out, but nice to hear. 

As for speech, the doc said to keep pressing the school district.  I will be calling them again today.  Ugh.

And now on to David.  David has had sleep issues since he was born practically.  It’s never gotten better over the years.  Leaving me with many years of never sleeping through the night…David too.

He said if David isn’t getting 12 hours of sleep, he’s going to be rather cranky.  David’s always cranky.  Funny when he’s on his game, but cranky most times.  It’s quite sad because people don’t get to see the silly funny cute little man we have because it’s so hard to get past his moodiness.  We have him melatonin much earlier than normal last night, in the hopes he would go to bed earlier than normal and sleep until his regular wake-up time.  Night 1 was a success, so we’ll see how the rest of them go!  The doctor also did blood work on David.  He said children with iron deficiencies often do not sleep well.  He was certainly not surprised when I said David was the pickiest eater I’ve ever met. 

The doctor was calling Children’s to get David and Mayah seen on the same days.  He is getting David an EEG first thing in the morning and Mayah will be seen in the afternoon.  Different office than I wanted to go to but EEG’s are only done at this particular office.  Oh well.  So instead of an epilepsy eval, David will get an EEG.  Not sure when these appts will be yet, as this office is much easier to get into.  I may be calling the doc’s office later this morning, though they seem rather efficient on their own.  All in all, he said it was possible David had a seizure but again, hard to tell.  So EEG it is!

As for the appts, that is everything that we know of right now.  So today I will call the school district about speech again and hopefully we will get some results of David’s blood work and get our new plan for when these two get to Children’s.

I had started a regular post a few days ago, (Tuesday) but I think I forgot to finish it.  I’ll get on that later today.  Must feed the masses before the riot!

Thanks for the prayers.


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  1. I am so glad to hear that you are making some headway with David! Can’t wait to find out what they conclude…to think it could all be as easy as an Iron deficiency!

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