A Few Days Ago I Started This Post…

I’ve read the first few chapters of The connected child by Dr. Karen Purvis and I’m reading Radical (If you haven’t read it START IT!)

The Connected Child is awesome.  In fact, I’m using a few of the discipline tools for the boys as well.  So far, so good! 

The social worker is finally coming today.  We’ve had to reschedule twice!  Dan and I still aren’t sure if we’re going to go down the fostering route, but at least we’ll receive some awesome education and be prepared to adopt from the US foster program should the opportunity arise.  The first time it was cancelled was weather, the second time the SW had to go to the ER he was rushing to our house and shut his finger in the door!!  He got six stitches.  Dan and I have had to ask ourselves a few times if this was God’s way of saying No don’t do this or simply more warfare against the greater good.  An ice storm was predicted for today so we said, “Surely if we have to cancel again we’re simply not rescheduling!”  No ice, just wet, no school delays.  So far, we’re still on for this afternoon.  We’re looking forward to it.

I missed a great online deal for some eBooks yesterday for homeschooling.  I’m really kicking myself for that one.  I had no idea the sale would be over by the time I could grab a minute this morning and pick five books.  Bummer. 

And by this point in the day we have to cancel our SW coming again.  Dan is unable to leave work to be here in time.  We’re going to have to pray about this situation before we move forward. 

Where I picked up again…this post was originally started on Tuesday.  It’s now Thursday!  I forgot it was here, sorry!

The SW and I were finally able to touch base.  We’ve been playing phone tag since  Tuesday.  Two weeks and he should be here. It ended up being for the better we had to cancel on Dan’s account, because by the time the kids and I returned from grocery shopping, I was sick!  I had so much sinus pressure I could barely take it.  On Wednesday, after David’s blood work, I was able to secure some sinus medication that relieved my headache and the pressure…three doses later. 

Though as I sit here on Thursday afternoon, I’ve got a terrible sore throat, my voice is hoarse, and my right ear is screaming in pain.  Ugh…I’m ready for this to be O-V-E-R.  It’s rare I get sick. 

Today Miss Mayah woke up a bear!  Total grump for a few hours straight.  Normally, in this house, if “Sleeping Beauty” is up before 8:30, she’s grump for a bit…these past few days she has been getting up early and her attitude has been all Dan and I could take.  Seriously.  Driven over the edge.  I’m happy to report, she is not sitting at the table, it’s 3:30 in the afternoon and I made her take a nap at 10:15 this morning!  She took a 4.5 hour nap.  I’m pretty sure she even has more color in her face.  She has smiled, sung a song and is even talking to David. 

We are also supposed to get another snow storm tonight.  The snow has started to fall, Alexander will be home from school in an hour and I’m having Dan pick up some cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk in the instance school is cancelled tomorrow morning.  I always make special snow-day breakfast.

We haven’t heard from the pediatrician’s office since this morning.  The nurse called to say not all of David’s blood work has been returned and the doctor will call when it’s all in.  After a bit of research today about being iron deficient, David seems to be the poster child.  He has nearly every symptom.  Hopefully we’ll have results before the weekend. 

For now, I will end this particular post and begin working on another one and HOPEFULLY we’ll have results about David!

Thank you for the prayers dear friends, we are grateful  to receive them.


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