David is Such a David

In our family that has become a coined term.  While many say it endearingly, it still ruffles my feathers. 

For David, shadowing Alexander will never be easy.  Alexander is textbook genius (IMO, of course!) he knew all of his shapes and colors by 18 months, potty trained at 24 months, spoke in complete sentences before 2.  He also listens very well.

David…well, he’s David.  I have almost always known something was “wrong” with him.  I just never knew what.  When he was a baby…and up until…now he has cried incessantly.  He’s a picky eater and will sooner starve for the night than try something new.  It was always difficult for people to watch him over night because of his relentless tears, but he made it.  He’s moody.  While he too knows his shapes and colors, teaching him wasn’t as easy as Captain Memory.  I have to get in David’s face and tell him to, “Look at my nose” when he’s talking to me so he stops wandering all over the place.  I’ve researched autism, ADHD and prayed and prayed against major illnesses over the past few years.  Just over a year ago, my sweet BFF took my hand one night, and prayed for my David as well.  For just over a year my fears were quenched from that moment on.  Dan has always thought I was crazy and now thinks otherwise. 

**all that to say, it’s difficult enough to follow his brother and often people forget their nearly 2 years apart because they look so similar, but to add all this on top of him just seems a burden I prefer him not to carry**

Before I get into the rest of it, I absolutely have to tell about David’s positive qualities.  David has a heart like no other.  He has “smiling eyes”  you know, the cartoons that have the arches that are in the shape of a frown because the smile is so big??  That’s David.  His giggle is contagious.  He is the snuggliest kid I’ve ever met and I love it.  Secretly, I LOVE when he crawls into bed with Dan and I (though I’ve stopped it almost completely now) because he would just cuddle right into me.  Better than any teddy-bear could ever do.  I like to refer to him as my “Pocket David”  because I just want to keep him in my pocket and pull him out when I need a smile. 

David and Mayah had their ped appts on Wednesday.  We have a new doctor, and thank God for His divine timing!  The doctor was inquisitive, and through many questions he was able to wager a guess David is iron deficient.  This morning, the doctor’s office called and the doctor explained David’s results to me.  After reading all about iron deficiency in children yesterday, I realized David could be the poster child for Iron deficiency.  All of his levels were low.  A normal level is 50 for a child his age and his was 23.  The doctor  “prescribed” (iron is otc) 45 mg of elemental iron a day.  He suggested we mix it with OJ since vitamin C absorbs it much faster.  If you’ve ever met David you know he drinks 2 things:  water and milk.  Before you say he drinks too much milk, since he was 18 months or so, I’ve mixed his milk and water, disgusting, but David drinks it.  In order to get David to get his iron we have to measure out 3 droppers full into a bowl and put a bit of OJ in the bowl and mix them.  Then I take the plastic medicine syringe we have and suck up the mixture and wrestle David to get 3.5 syringes in David’s mouth. 

Now, here are David’s symptoms:  irritability, sleep deprived, short (which is an understatement) attention span, inability to concentrate, learning disability, pale skin, whites of eyes are so white they look blue, no appetite (not to say he NEVER wants to eat, but he’s the pickiest eater ever!)—basically everything listed if you were to look it up with the exception of laziness.  David is anything but lazy.  The doctor is going to check his levels in two months. 

Tonight I just sat and held David and cried.  I mourned his first 3.5 years of misery.  When it all comes down to it, that would be the one word properly chosen to sum up his life thusfar.  I’m not sure I can think of anything that outright makes David happy all of the time.  I wished I would have said something sooner to help my poor tiny man.  I cannot sit and cry over the what-if’s-instead I can be thankful it was caught by our new awesome doctor and that everythign is on God’s timetable.  Morever, I’m also thankful it’s just iron deficiency. 

We cannot even fathom a David any different than what we have.  Obviously we love him exactly as he is, but to have a David that doesn’t cry all the time and enjoys the majority of his life is a dream for me.  We are excited.

Thank you for the prayers!  God is the Almighty Physician.


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  1. Wow, so glad you checked this out. Sorry it is such a hassle to get the drops down. I hope you begin to see a difference in his behavior in a relatively short time.

  2. So you say he is no longer “typical” , but doesn’t he just have low iron levels? I guess I’m just confused about what your “mourning” becaus the way you are saying it it seems like he was just diagnosed with something like autism or some other special need….I’m just a little confused.

    • For David it wasn’t “just” low iron. So much of his life has been affected by this. We have no idea how long it has been going on; however it’s a major player in his life. David shows MANY signs of ADHD and other “conditions” which are directly related to a child who has been low in iron for so long. In some instances, brain damange of sorts can also occur, as well as heart conditions-(symptoms) depending on how long the child has been suffering from it. So it’s more than “yeah i was anemic once and had to take iron” his entire body has been affected. I hope you are able to understand a little bit more;)

    • Perhaps what she is mourning, is the fact that if it was something as simple as an iron deficiency, that her little boy really didn’t have to go through all the moodiness and general malaise that he’s been so familiar with in his little life. That if the doctors to whom she had mentioned her concerns would’ve run a simple blood test, this could’ve been remedied much longer. And, like she mentioned, there could be long-term effects depending on how long he’s been severely deficient. I think those are valid reasons to be a bit sad, don’t you? Happily God redeems the time, and I’m certain that the years David has spent in the fog will be nothing compared to the full life he will lead from here on out. =)

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