Winds of Change

I’m not the only one who now looks at David a little differently.  A little more gently.  Realizing your child is not ‘typical’ changes things.  I for one am rather happy with it.  I believe the company we shared this evening felt the same way.  Each person who interacted with David had a bit more gentleness in their voices and added a bit more patience.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we treated him meanly, no one did.  Admittedly though there’s a difference when you know there’s a reason behind certain actions and your child is not doing things deliberately. 

I’m just so glad we know.  I’m so glad actions are being taken to get our real David to us.

We all are.

I even heard, when someone saw David in a picture taken recently, how “sick” he looked.  In my opinion, David has looked “sick” to me for quite some time.  Maybe I just look at him through a Mama’s eyes-with a direct link to my Mother’s Instinct.

We are all eagerly awaiting this to kick in for our sweet boy.  Fervently praying this is the answer. 

On a side note, and Mayah related:  She is really blossoming!  She is bonding to me rather well.  She is starting to show random affection.  We visited today and she showed proper affection and didn’t bounce in front of people demanding attention.  Today was really one of the best visiting days we’ve ever had.  I truly enjoyed myself. 

Tomorrow I may have time to post on Mayah’s blossoming.  I’ve been wanting to do that recently.  I’m just so excited.

Thank you friends, for the prayers.  We can’t ever have enough.


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