Changes and Progress

So much has gone on this week.  So today (Thursday, in case I forget to post) I’m going to try to blog throughout the day to actually get posted by tonight)

I loathe clutter.  Our house is not huge (right now).  Tuesday I was able to re-arrange a few things in our kitchen to make it more functional.  I love the new FREE space. 

I am desperate for more to do throughout the day with the kids.  Yet I kept saying, “I don’t have a homeschool curriculum yet so…”  SO God was like, “use the resources I have given you already!”  Now, in our roomy, functional kitchen we have our organized school area.  I’m so excited.  I love organization!  Now…to get started on the work.  Today…or next week.

Gage no longer uses a crib!  Last night he slept in the big boy bed for the first night!  He rocked it, never woke up and came out this morning as happy as could be that he could just walk out to me when he woke up. 

I was able to reorganize and move some furniture in their room and now they have tons of FREE space to play happily.  All four of them fit nicely in there to play.  Sometimes they play in Mayah’s room, but not often.

My next project in their room is to de-toy them AGAIN.  No matter what I do, they still have too much.  So many toys do not get played with.  Hopefully we’ll work on that today or Saturday.

While I would love to say our family is rockin’ the 40 day mission minded family challenge, we never made it past day 3.  It was definitely not from God for us to do that together at this point in our lives.  While I would LOVE to do that as a family-we simply aren’t ready.  We have other areas which need growth before we take that step. 

Tomorrow Mayah goes to Children’s Hospital for the first time.  Dan has the day off, so we are headed out there just the 3 of us!  The boys are very excited to get to spend the day with Nana and Pappy and we are excited they are willing to do it.

David is a little better after 7 days of his iron.  He gets melatonin  to help him to go to sleep earlier and he is getting 10.5-12 hours of sleep a night.  What a difference!  Sunday and Monday he fell asleep before 7 pm on his own and slept at least 11 hours both nights.  Tuesday he fell asleep on the couch on his own for a nap as well.  That was the day I was able to get so much stuff done organization-wise because Alexander was at school and the other 3 kids napped.

Okay…this has taken all day…Mayah goes to children’s tomorrow so we’ll have another update!!


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