Mayah’s First ENT Appt

Okay!  Sorry this post has taken all day.  Dan and I were able to sneak away after dropping Mayah off at his parents’ and have lunch together.

Mayah’s appt was at Children’s this morning at 8:30.  Gage and I got up at 5, Dan was next, followed by David, Alexander then Mayah.  I got everyone dressed and packed to head to Nana’s. 

When we got there she had her hearing evaluation.  Mayah and I went into a little booth and she was taught how to let them know if she heard noises in the bone conductive head phones.  She did a great job.  I’m not sure how long we were doing the evaluation, but it was quite some time.  The results were exactly what they expected.  Her hearing with the bone amplified headphones helped her to hear in the normal  hearing range.  Making her a perfect candidate for the BAHA’s we were planning.

It didn’t take long for the doctor to come in.  He let us know all of our options and procedures we need to get done for her.  He started with filling us in on details about BAHA’s-then about building an ear (from the ribs) along with how many surgeries it’s estimated to complete them.  We need to see a “jaw guy”, ophthalmologist, dentist, get a sleep study, a CAT scan and get her fitted for the BAHA soft band.  We were hoping to see the audiologist today, but she wasn’t in.  BOO.  I’ll call on Monday and see when she can return for that.  We really hope it’s quick and we hope it’s next week…we’ll see.

We can’t see the dentist until she gets the CAT and the sleep study, the ophthalmologist we see at the end of Feb…the day after we take David for this EEG.  The sleep people and the CAT people will be calling me next week to schedule appts.  I just have to decide which appts all the kids can go to, and which appts I need to schedule around my MIL’s days off so she can help with the others. 

We realized something very sad for Mayah today. When we got to Nana and Pappy’s the boys started making themselves right at home-when Mayah started taking off her coat I told her she wasn’t staying and she was going with Mama and Daddy.  She looked very sad.  After a few minutes she started to cry.  It was then I realized she probably thought we were returning her.  I told my MIL what I thought while hugging my sweet girl and mimicking that we’re going to the doctor’s and that we’ll all return to play together later-my MIL ran into her bedroom and brought our sweet princess a little bead bracelet.  She was happy.  Though I’m sure my point was not made clearly as she almost vomited on the way there.  We were sure she was stressing out hard core.  We’re also pretty sure she was very happy to arrive at the doctor’s office instead of the airport (though my girl LOVES airplanes).  She was a happy light-hearted girl for practically the entire rest of the day.

So next week we’re hoping to have some more appts made for her and get this process moving.  I’ll also be sending her hearing eval into the elementary school with Alexander on Monday so we can begin moving forward with her speech therapy. 

We cannot wait for her to get her BAHA soft band, it will INSTANTLY help her hearing. 

As of right now, Dan and I plan to make decisions regarding her hearing and overall health-cosmetic surgeries are not our point of concern. 

Thank you for the prayers, today was an eventful day and we’re happy to get the ball rolling for our girl.


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  1. Yay, so glad she will be able to hear well. 🙂 She is so beautiful- I don’t even see TCS when I look at her. She’s just beautiful little Mayah with the gorgeous smile.

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