Oh Monday

I have no idea where to even start posts anymore.  I simply leave my laptop open and walk over and pop a few sentences in here and there when I have a moment.

Right now, the dishes are done-Alexander is showing, Mayah is next-the kids are coloring-I need to get laundry in-then prepare breakfast and get them all ready to take David to preschool.

I have finished reading RADICAL, by David Platt and I’m extremely moved and ready.  I feel like I’m standing on the edge completely ready to GO and I’m just waiting on the HOW. 

The weekend went crazy fast.  Don’t they always? 

Our social worker comes on Friday to start us on the domestic process.  We are excited.

I need to reschedule 2 chiropractor appts and a play date for the kids-hoping I can still get them all taken care of this week.

Oh, and in an effort to be more healthy-I’m ridding my kitchen of the microwave.  Dan says I’ll regret my decision-so in compromise, I’m going to remove it from the kitchen for 1 month-then after that we’ll decide what’s next.  Anyone else not use a microwave?

Tomorrow I also start my first genuine attempt at reading the bible in a year.

At the end of RADICAL, Dr. Platt shows a website for people to actually pray for the whole world over a year.  I subscribed to receive emails daily.  Hopefully they will start tomorrow.  I think it’s a great way to begin showing the kids there’s a whole world out there and it needs our prayer. 

Dr. Platt also suggests giving 2% of your time in the next year to working outside of your town serving God.  That breaks down to about a week he says.  Our church is planning a missions trip this summer, it’s a week, it’s not in our town.  Good for me!!  Our family is planning on being a part of it in some form or another.  I’m prayerfully searching a recommended website from the pastor searching for our trip.  I know God has one planned for us, and we can’t wait to be a part of it!

Monday Mayah goes to Children’s Main to start the soft band BAHA process.  The woman on the phone says the appt is for an hour-not sure how long it is until we get the actual BAHA’s.  All I can say is I CAN’T WAIT!!  So Monday Dan will have to take a half day off from work to come home with the rest of the kids while I take Mayah.  I’ll pop some dinner in the crockpot and it ought to be perfect by the time sister-girl and I get back!!

Tomorrow we are supposed to get an ice storm.  I suppose I’d better get something special prepared for breakfast! 

Next week Dan and I are also starting the Daniel Fast.  Anyone ever do this?  http://danielfast.wordpress.com we will do it for 3 weeks.  No coffee, no pop, no coffee, nothing but whole foods and fruits and vegetables, did I mention no coffee?  The foods I can deal with, the coffee is going to be difficult.  I’m looking forward to growing even closer to God and my husband during this time.  So if you pray for us, please pray for strength and guidance next week as we begin the fast.

Saturday is Dan’s second men’s breakfast with the men at our church.  He really enjoyed the last one-I’m planning on making a breakfast casserole for him to take.  Saturday afternoon a friend, her son and two granddaughters are planning on coming to visit.  They haven’t met Mayah yet.  We haven’t seen them since well before we left for Ukraine, we’re looking forward to the visit.  Now…what to make for lunch?

Sunday our church is having a lunch after the service-there will be no AWANA and no Sunday night service-I’m planning on making this salsa and chicken crockpot meal a Facebook friend of mine had suggested a few weeks ago.  Dan and I had it for dinner last week and it was AWESOME!!  Come to think of it…if I don’t’ stop typing, I  won’t have dinner done in time for Dan’s arrival.

We are getting a new fridge today!!  Some friends of ours just bought their first house and we’re getting their old fridge!!  We have a small fridge and while it’s cute—completely unreasonable for our larger family.  It lost it’s cuteness after we had 1 kid truthfully.  I began praying for a fridge and a friend sent me a comment saying they would give us theirs when they moved.  Well, today is the day!!

Thank you for the prayers—our family is really feeling God’s hand upon us.


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  1. Yes, Tammy I’m in progress on the Bible reading, too. I haven’t made it to the website for the prayer-thing yet. I was wondering if our adoption would count for the missions part. It doesn’t really seem fair because we were already going to do that anyway. And our money is rather wrapped up in that as well. I need to pray more about it.

  2. I have also committed this year to reading through the entire Bible in a year. I was so excited about it, I started it a week or so earlier than I planned. Are you following a reading plan or just starting at the beginning and plunging in? I have tried the start at the beginning and go for it part before, but always got discouraged and quit around Leviticus. This year, I made it past Leviticus & Numbers, but I’m following a reading plan that skips around between the Old & New Testaments.
    I personally have not done the Daniel fast, but my parents do it at the beginning of each year.
    I look forward to reading your posts about how God is blessing your family & I continue to keep you in prayer. (I know you probably don’t remember me. I’m a friend of Marie U.)

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