They are still here!!

I figured I’d better prove the presence of the fab four since I haven’t posted pictures in a while.

001I was very happy to sport my new Tacky for Africa Headband.  They are $12 shipped.  It’s done in grab bag form so you can only choose if you want bright, earthy or ANY color.  I love the surprises in the mail.  Totally need to order another.  If you’re interested, they make great gifts too!


One Day Mayah napped-Gage napped-and Alexander was with his Grandparents.  So David and I started to do some fun hands-on experiments at home.  Here he was putting a cup with a dry paper towel inside it and dunked it in the pitcher to see if he could get the towel wet.  He enjoyed it!


Just playing in the bunk beds in the boys’ room.  LOVE Mayah’s shiny shirt that day.  She got it as a gift from St. Vincent De Paul from her cousin, Kelli


Another day I put a blanket from the top bunk to the bottom bunk in Mayah’s room and made a tent for the kids.  They thought it was the best thing ever.

012David put Daddy’s boots on and tried walking in them.

014This is how Mayah looks every morning.  She’s very spacey.  One morning I just had to send a pic to Daddy.  Believe it or not, in this picture, she looks happier than normal.  (in the mornings, that is)  She is so NOT a morning person.  Though over the past week or so she is doing so much better.  Maybe we’re wearing off on her!!015016

Mayah got a box of goodies from a Sparkler Mama friend of mine.  (Thanks, Mandy!!) She was also kind enough to send a little something for each one of the boys.  Everyone was so thankful.


Pardon the messy beds…but Gage now sleeps in a big boy bed!  The crib is now gone FOREVER!!  The boys are enjoying more space in their room since we moved all the beds closer together.  Gage is adjusting.  He doesn’t nap nearly as frequently, though as with the other boys, he’ll get used to it and be able to crawl into bed for naptime.  Yesterday he was exhausted while we were all playing a game at the table so he left and crawled into his bed.


Dan and I got to go have lunch ALONE last Friday after Mayah’s appt at Children’s Hospital.  These were all the kiddies at Nana’s as we left.

023Saturday, Mayah, Daddy and Pappy went to a gun show.  Mayah was sporting a skirt, a shirt that read, “Daddy’s Princess”, a tiara, clip on play earrings and a tiger purse—not to mention the cutest piggy tails ever.  I packed her a lunch in her Dora lunch bag and she enjoyed her day being the center of their attention.  I was longing to hang with the boys for the day…Alexander ended up with a fever so he slept the entire day with the exception of a small portion (shown below).  Gage napped and David and I played together for a while, but then he crawled into the tent I put up in the living room and watched a movie on the portable dvd player. 

025Gage napping during our super special day at home with Mommy.

024The older boys got these toys from Mimi for Christmas.  I’ve been waiting for a day to put them together.  They plug in and blow air so the softball (that you could decorate) floats in the air.  They all love them!!



032034036it wasn’t long after this Alexander crawled back up on the couch for the duration of the night.  043

Alexander sporting his weirdness at AWANA Sunday night after their snack  Winking smile  I ❤ that kid!!

044Mayah was dressed as spider girl (the only costume that fits her) David has his batman suit on, and Gage joined us while we played a princess memory game waiting for Alexander’s bus.

045This picture is entirely posed.  These two never get along.  Though I figured if I showed Mayah Gage could be cute and cuddly (at times!) it would help.  So far, I think things are getting a little better.  But isn’t it sooo cute??

005Yesterday we had a snow day.  The kids and I made muffins and used our new super cool silicone muffin “tins”  everyone played integral roles in the muffin making and everyone enjoyed it. 


Alexander and Mayah were cleaning the table before we began. 


Gage and David poured in the water.  (Alexander and Mayah cut the mixes open)

Sorry it’s blurry-I only take pics on my phone…and it’s hard to get a pic and manage the kids, but it gets done.

009010011the 3 older kids each stirred and we all counted to 30 each time. 

013He was so happy to be able to join in.

014Alexander snapped a pic of G and Mommy

015016017Each kid got to spoon in 2 muffins into the “tins”.  They all did so well, I was so proud of them.

018And yes, each one got a fresh spoon and got a spoonful of batter while the muffins baked.

019He looked so cute after his bath yesterday.

021Building words or learning letters-depending on the child.  A nice way to pass the time for sure.

022Poor David was looking sicker than normal yesterday—we laid hands on him and prayed for him while deciding what to do for him.  In the end, I decided against taking him directly to Children’s Hospital.  Today he woke up stuffy—seems to be all sinuses right now. 

023Gage was out in the porch while I was bringing the dogs in (I just noticed Gabby’s snowy snout)  he saw his breath and tried swatting it.  Too funny.

Well, there you have it.  I think that completely catches us up on what we have been up to these days. 

David is getting better at taking his medicine every morning.  We no longer have to give him gum or something to suck on while he’s taking it.  He is also taking it by the full dropper-load instead of squirting it bit by bit into his mouth.  Tonight he ate all his pineapple at dinner which is HUGE for him.  It’s still a struggle to get him to try it, but once he tries it-he’s actually eating it.  That’s soooo major.  The other day I made fish sticks and he asked for ketchup!  Not only did he ask for it, but he ate it.  Dipping everything in it.  I didn’t care, I was just happy he is starting to add new flavors into his cute little life. 

Duty calls.  Gage fell asleep on the couch, David is getting drowsy and the older 2 want to make popcorn.  Dan is at the men’s bible study at church tonight.  I skipped because all of the kids needed to get to bed earlier tonight.  So far, it seems I’ve made the right choice.

Thanks for your prayers friends.  David’s taste buds are definitely benefitting!


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  1. I love all the creativity. Our kids like the bed-tent idea, too–well, even better when they were a little younger. Good job, mama.

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