Other Peoples’ Kids

Need help raising money to come home too.

I’m sorry to announce I didn’t get to post my friend, Lori’s fundraiser for a beautiful table runner (and I also didn’t WIN, boo!)  But they were able to raise some money to help Annie come home.

But that’s the reason for the post in the first place, it’s some money.  Not ALL.  Did you know it cost our family $30 or close to it to eat out in a restaurant?  We most certainly do not spend that daily on 3 meals a day for our family.  Not.  Even.  Close.  And thank the good Lord for that!

I just contacted http://www.feedingtheorphans.com to sponsor this young man so he can eat and have a place to live.  His name is Ebenezer Jr. Since I have come to “know” of this organization, I have been able to see more and more children receive sponsors.  There are plenty left that YOU can choose one to sponsor as well.  It’s ONLY $25 a MONTH. 


He’s totally worth it. 

Please consider contacting http://www.feedingtheorphans.com and sponsoring one of the children who are still waiting to have the word, “SPONSORED” under their precious pictures.

Now, back to LORI.  She has a beautiful etsy shop:


She just added some adorable hats, please check them out.  If you don’t want to buy something for yourself-donate the money and give the item away.  annie

Annie’s totally worth a donation of any size.

The last (and not least!)  is a drawing for an ipad.  They are adopting yet another child with special needs.  Awesome.  Please help a group of friends raise money for the plane tickets.  Another future un-orphan is waiting.  ANY dollar amount helps, but the following are the amounts to get you entered for the ipad.  If you can’t afford $10 donation, I’m totally sure they wouldn’t turn down a $1 donation either.  Go head, try it…I can guarantee they will be thankful and it will not be returned to you as insufficient funds for a donation. 

Here’s the details:  (ALL donations are tax deductible through the Ukraine Outreach/ Eli Project!)
$10= 1 entry
$25= 3 entries
$50= 8 entries
$100= 20 entries
$150= 35 entries
$300= 80 entries!!!!

Here is the link for the chip-in.  All donations are tax-deductible through the Eli Project.



Here is the link to read about Masha’s future family. http://www.eliproject.org/?p=528

masha family


She is worth $1 or more, don’t you think?


Okay…so Masha wasn’t last….what was I thinking??

It wouldn’t be an “old time” Friday on my blog without SVETA!!


We donate to her FSP with RR every payday.  It’s not much, but we all know every dollar helps.  Her future family may be fundraising, I’m not sure…haven’t checked out their blog in a while.  You can donate to the FSP http://www.reecesrainbow.org/sponsorhouser.html  or check out their blog here:  http://www.followusthere.blogspot.com

And tomorrow, stay tuned-if you’re not on Facebook then you don’t know…so be ready;)


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  1. Tammy, just so you know, there is no longer a .html at the end of any of the family sponsorship pages. 😉 They redid them when they redid the site. So if you ever come across a dead link for RR and it has a .html at the end, just erase it.

  2. Tammy, you are a sweet, sweet lady!! Every little bit helps bring smiling Sveta home. God bless you and your love for her. We start official fundraising SOON, lol! I have a puzzle fundraiser just got it yesterday and have to set it up and brainstorming next week about more fundraising!

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