Quick David Update

And then tomorrow I’ll get one up about Mayah.

As I type this, I’m in the sleep lab with Mayah.  She is watching, Despicable Me.  I’ve been taking tons of pics that I’ll have up tomorrow.

Yesterday we went to Children’s with David to see the neurologist.  He also suspects seizures with David and suggested an eeg and mri.  Thankfully I already had the eeg scheduled!!  When I called for the MRI-the earliest they could get him in was mid march.  Then I get a call today saying they have an opening on Sunday!  It’s at 6:30 am.  David and I need to leave the house at 4:30 am.  Ugh.  They sedate all kids under 8.  So David will be put under and they will monitor him and make sure he’s ready for the mri.  Once it’s over-he will be in recovery for an hour or until they say he can go home. 

He’s not to be left alone for the entire day as he will be very out of it.

Thankfully we’ll have results for David by the end of the month on everything!

The doctor said if the EEG is normal or inconclusive, David will need a 23 hour EEG.  I’m not sure how long they take to schedule those-so we’ll see a week after his EEG.

In nutrition related news:  David chugged his pediasure the other day.  We’ve had them for  a while and he couldn’t’ stand them before.  Now he was chugging it down like crazy!  I’m thinking of getting him some more-we’ll see how he does with another batch.

David has successfully eaten fruits more than 3 times every day!

David drank a glass of orange juice last Saturday!  (he stood over the trash can in case he vomited, my idea)

I no longer have to dye his medicine in the morning OR chase him down.  After 3 weeks, he is finally just taking it like a little man. 

David actually ate celery (with peanut butter, which is good because of the protein for him)!  Though today when I served it, he only ate the peanut butter off…and I was cranky and busy and didn’t feel up to the battle.  It’s not the end of the world.

David tried A green bean the other day without vomiting.  Also huge in his world.

“The skin of broccoli”  which is what he calls the stems is the only part he was willing to try the other day.  He had a taste and was also vomit-less.  Score one for David!!

Last night-I put cheddar cheese over it and while he didn’t eat it willingly, he did eat the entire piece with no gagging.  We rejoiced!!

With constant practice again he’s getting there.  I also think I remember him eating a few pieces of the chicken dinner I made last week as well.

I’m wondering if his low iron did something to his taste buds?  I made all of David’s baby food at home so it’s not like he’s never had any of these things before. 

We will continue doing what we’re doing with David.  He’s starting to try more foods without throwing up.

He is starting to fall asleep earlier on his own many nights.  Though he’s also starting to get up earlier than normal…so it’s almost back to the same thing.  I’m not sure if it’s because Gage is no longer in the crib and can get out of bed when he wakes up and David hears him or not.  Gage will get used to it eventually. 

Mayah’s movie is almost over-and it will be time to start the official sleep testing on her.  The tech just came in and said he was going to start his other patient—I hear crying so I suppose we’ll know when he’s done.  Sounds like a little one is his patient. 

I am thinking this is more of a vacation for me.  Though he tech will be in to wake Mayah at 5am-I’m still looking forward to sleeping a full night (hopefully).

I am going to relax with my kindle books and hopefully make some headway!

Friends, your prayers are the best gifts-and we’re always willing to receive.


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