Mayah’s Turn

Because David is next…again…then Mayah…again.

For Mayah I will use mostly pictures.

Okay. So it took me all day into the next day because now we are at Children’s Hospital with David in the waiting room.  Though I thought my laptop would make it for the duration—I left my charger at home.

And by the time I finished the above sentence-David is now in recovery after his long MRI.

But more on that later…this is, after all, Mayah’s update.

So….Mayah started Friday knowing that she and Mommy weren’t going to sleep at the house that night.  She continually told her brothers:  “Mayah, Mommy…”  indicating with her hands we were sleeping elsewhere.  It didn’t take long for the boys to become irritated and yelled back, “we know!!” 

She didn’t care.  She was excited.

Eventually we were able to start our journey.  Which had us at McDonald’s for a special dinner on the way to Pittsburgh. 

We arrived early to the sleep lab and she was excited.  She played with the games at the table.  While Mommy filled out some paperwork.




Then went into her room, and slowly you could see this was not what this little princess had in mind for our super awesome special girls night out.  (I assume that’s what she was thinking)


The technician was nice and gentle-he explained what was going to go on.  He left and I got Mayah dressed for bed.  We did our normal night-time routine and she was in bed.  All before 7pm.


Mayah quickly looked defeated so I snuggled with her.  Her sweet smiling face was now sad and small quiet tears were in her eyes.  My poor girl.

The tech entered the room again and we put Despicable Me in the DVD player for her to watch.  She was no longer sad-she loves that movie and was reciting it just as she does with her 3 little brothers at home.  025

She is such a trooper.


(She loves getting her picture taken, can’t you tell?)

Eventually she was completely covered in wires all over her head, up her nose, down her legs, around her belly…who says that doesn’t sound like a comfy way to go to sleep?

The tech left and said we could call if we needed anything, and when I wanted her to go to bed to call as well and he would come in and get the study started.


Once the movie was over-I told Mayah it was time for bed, she agreed.  By the time the tech came in and got everything prepped it was about 8:15ish.  She was asleep by 8:20!

She went right away.  No rocking.  No fussing.  Just right to sleep.

I was so proud of her.

She did get up a few times during the night though.  I have no idea if she does that regularly or not.  If she just wakes up-rolls over and goes back to sleep-I wouldn’t know.  She was up at 10:40, 1 something 3 something and then he woke her up right at 5am.  My girl needs to sleep until 8:30 to be acting human.  I don’t call her Sleeping Beauty for nothing.

He got her all unhooked, we got dressed, teeth brushed and we were back in the car by 5:40 am for the hour and a half journey home.

It snowed most of the way home, but nothing major.  We drove by Nana and Pappy’s house, but she didn’t recognize it.  BUT…as we were turning into our development she yells, “Daddy!”  So she IS starting to recognize things around town.  I think that’s pretty awesome.

I got to talk to my husband for maybe 30 minutes before he was out the door to work.  The kids and I got the house back into order (it’s amazing what just over 12 hours away from the house can do to the place!)  and then we were off to gymnastics. 

By the time we were home from gymnastics-new plans for Sunday were being made.  Dan’s parents offered to watch the kids so both Dan and I could take David to Pittsburgh for his MRI.  Since his appointment was at 6:30am we’d have to leave the house by 4:45.  His mom was busy and couldn’t stay here-and I naturally didn’t want to wake everyone up to head there….SO…3 of them spent the night.  Mayah has bonded quite well with me-and she adores her Nana….I think she has quite the eye for her Pappy too…so staying wasn’t the issue.  I just wanted her to understand Daddy and I would be back to pick her up and she wouldn’t stay there forever.  She didn’t care.  She was bouncing up and down yelling “yay!” with such excitement when I indicated she and 2 of her brothers were sleeping at Nana’s.  I don’t think she cared to know *if* we were coming back.  She did awesome the entire night and into the morning until Dan and I returned yesterday to pick them all up.  She is so awesome. 

Mayah doesn’t return to Pittsburgh until Thursday for her CT scan.  This will show us what the inside of her head looks like for her jaw and inner workings of her ears.  Thankfully the scan is quick-as I’m taking 2 of the other kids with me.  Alexander will be with his grandparents and they will get him to school.  I’m sure Mayah will do just fine for 10 minutes without me.  Right after-she has an appt with the ENT again so we’ll touch base before heading back home. 

We have a whole week until I need to return to Pittsburgh!!  I’m going to call the social worker at the hospital today to get Mine and David’s names on the list for the Ronald McDonald House Wednesday night for his EEG Thursday.  Hopefully that works out for us.  Then back again to Pittsburgh on Friday with Mayah. 

I’m not sure when we will head back after that.  I suppose we’ll learn more as this week progresses. 

David’s update from yesterday is coming next.  MAYBE I’ll get it done today.


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