David’s MRI

Hooray!  I’m updating something that happened this week!  Maybe I’m making progress?

David had his MRI at 6:30 Sunday morning.  Missing church is never top on my list, but our church was covering us in prayer while we were gone.  How comforting.  Thank you, friends.

Because of David’s age and the natural inability to lie still for an hour-Children’s Hospital sedates all children under age 8 for the procedure.

Saturday, while skyping with my In-Law’s (the kids LOVE seeing Nana and Pappy on the computer) they offered to watch the other 3 kids so Dan could come with me.  How nice!

We got David up just before 4:45 and popped him right into the car. 

He made the entire trip without complaint.  I took the DVD player and he watched part of a movie-said he was done-and napped a bit.

We were the only ones in the waiting room.  A waiting room filled with fun toys and highly interactive. 


No he did NOT lick the mirror-he was just sticking his tongue out.


He so enjoyed playing with the interactive coloring book on the right.  Just tap the color and it fills in the object—then hit PLAY and the coloring page moves along with music.  That basically entertained him until it was time to go into the boring waiting room.038  037

He even let the lady put on his hospital bracelet without protest.  David’s never done that before.


He was playing peek-a-boo in the window in the top of the stroller.  (in the boring waiting room)



043Daddy and David got some nice snuggle time in.

045when we got called back to a pre-op room, David was given this super awesome control module.  It was a wireless box that had square colored buttons.  As he pushed each button the bubble tower changed colors.


This kept him busy and happy for quite some time.

049050He was even nice when the PA came in –he used to throw fits during all of these things.  We were so proud of him.

053When he got bored with the bubble tower-they even had a treasure chest of toys in each room for him to play with.  I love this place!

054055Our tough guy stayed tough until they came to put the IV in his arm.  But even then he only cried because he watched and as soon as the needle was in, he was done crying—but pouted for a few minutes.


The picture on the left is David working really hard at not laughing at Daddy.  The picture on the right shows it didn’t last long before our guy was laughing again with with the port in his arm.

They walked us back to the MRI room, it was done up like a rocket and outer space.  David was still not convinced he was going in the rocket, so he sat on my lap in the rocking chair while they put meds into his IV.  In a minute or so we were laying him on the table of the MRI.  He was very out of it.  Then the next med was injected-this agitated him quite a bit.  He kicked the entire tray of “goodies” off the foot of the table-they expected him to do this.  (side effect) we held him down and waited for the meds to kick in.  After some time, another round was given.  This took a little longer as he fought it most of the way-he put up a good fight to stay awake!

Nearing the end of the procedure, he moved two different times.  The nurse watching said to the techs, “uh guys you need to speed it up, he’s starting to wake up!”  He did just fine and didn’t wake up until he was in recovery for an hour and we began to awaken him with promises of cookies and hot chocolate. 



I loved my snuggle time.



They let him keep his blanket they gave him and he got comfy in Gage’s stroller.  He was so loopy.  Poor little guy.


The (cute) lump under the Steeler blanket is David sleeping on the way home.

He did well and only vomited all over Nana’s car about 20 minutes from home!

I called the doc’s office this morning and his results are in.  Just waiting for the doctor to read them and for the nurse to return my call with them.  I’ll keep you posted!


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