Looking For a Few Good (WO)men

If you’ve been on Facebook, then you were able to read our announcement that Bulgaria is in our future!!

Yes, we originally had thought we’d go domestic—yet after hearing so many “horror stories” about people submitting time and time and time and time again (over 50 times!!) for children and being told their family is too big-children in the wonderful U.S. Foster System will wait for a feeling of permanency, family, belonging. 

We will be working again, without About A Child.  Toni, the adoption contact is checking the availability of our girl tomorrow.  We first found girl #2’s file last year when we were planning on adopting from Bulgaria.  She was the only child whose file we received, thought about, returned and did not get a family…yet.  A year later, here we are again. 

We are also possibly looking for a boy as well.  Toni is checking with the MOJ tomorrow about #2’s file and any boys in her orphanage or area.  We will surely keep you posted.

In whatever way this turns out, fact still remains:  In order for us to officially commit to any child we need to raise $2k immediately.  Fundraising is something I’m obviously familiar with.  Trying new things-something I’m also a fan of.  I know of many people who wish they could do more…but simply don’t have the funds in their own bank accounts to do so.  I’d like to try something new…are you ready for it??

We are looking for 10 volunteers.  10 people to raise $100 each.  This will bring us to half of the initial funding needed.  Though we’re definitely game for raising more!!

There are many ways to fundraise.  Selling candy bars, crafts, bake sales, collections at church, Auntie Anne’s pretzels, ink cartridge collection, Scentsy, Gold Canyon Candles, giveaways…tons of ways.  Will you please help us?  We’re confident not only that the money for our children will come in…BUT people will be doing much much more than raising money.  They will be raising adoption awareness.  I cannot express how many people told us during Mayah’s fundraising that they had no idea you could fundraise to help with adoption cost.  Can you imagine how many children will get homes when their future parents realize because of YOU who helped US they too can do the same thing?

If you are interested in helping us get to our first financial goal-please email me at dziagwax6@gmail.com If you need fundraising ideas-that’s totally my cup of tea.  Obviously I’ll be happy to get any materials off to you. 

Please pray with us friends that people rally together to help bring our children home. 

I will be also adding a chip-in with a $2,000 goal to the blog:

This is the Link to our First Chip-In!

I forgot to mention:  For every person who raises at least $100 your name will be entered into a drawing for something wonderful.  (The truth is, I have no idea what that something is quite yet…gift card, gift basket…something wonderful!) 

We encourage you to spread the word, share our blog, get it all over Facebook…do something.  We will guarantee that if we get more than 10 wonderful people to help..they will not be turned away.

Are you in??


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