What’s Going On?

Things have changed drastically over the past few months in the Dziagwa household.  [mostly] all for the better, of course!

We will start in age order:

Mayah is now in speech twice a week and occupational therapy once a week.  Her vocabulary has really taken off and she is asking appropriate questions.  About a month or so ago Dan and I introduced a sippy cup at bedtime for our girl.  She looked like she blended rather well right into the family; however, that was the issue…she blended.  She mimics everything around her and doesn’t know how to show herself.  In fact, she imitated peoples’ reactions to smells as well.  If we indicated something had a foul odor she made appropriate faces-if something smell good, she mimicked that face as well.  After some blind folded testing with extracts and other aromatic items, we learned she has absolutely no sense of smell.  We also had her evaluated in the neuropsych eval done a few weeks ago.  Mayah is almost 8 years old and functions more at an almost 3 year old level.  She tested above age 3 (age 4 and some extra months) on two items and below 3 on the rest of the tests.  We also started our homeschooling year a few weeks ago.  Mayah is basically present regardless of how I teach and nothing more.  She frequently spaces out and has absolutely zero reading comprehension.  She understands almost nothing said to her unless it is accompanied by cues. 

With all that said she is still progressing beautifully.  We are just using trial and error to figure her out. 

I was going to buy timberdoodle curriculum for Mayah and David next week; however, thanks to some more searching I believe I found an even better way to reach our girl.  http://www.time4learning.com  it’s awesome.  As on my previous post I’m going to review the curriculum.  Hopefully I can get a day-by-day review in…but we all know how committed to blogging I have been over the last 4+ months.  So…definitely will post a review once a week.

Mayah started today, she’s doing great.  Thanks to the free trial, we were able to start right away.  Time 4 learning runs on East Coast time and we had access  before 11am.  We would have had it even earlier had I done the disclosure like I was supposed to.  OOPS! 

***MUCH later in the day***  Both David and Mayah have completed their day’s work with time4learning.  David loved doing the Heart of Dakota better than the computer work; however, I did also tear him away from playing his DS at the time  so that’s not a fair assessment.  Mayah LOVES it.  She doesn’t always know what is expected of her, so I sit with her and do the work—even when time4learning gives her a checkmark for the completion of that particular item, she and I go back to it and do it again.  This week I think instead of bouncing around to different lessons we are sticking with shapes shapes shapes and more shapes.  She doesn’t know her shapes-and the words are VERY hard for her to remember.  Verbal skills are extremely delayed for Mayah.  I think this is going to be the best way to work with these skills for her. 

As for Alexander, he started first grade in the beginning of July.  He skipped Kindy.  His reading skills are out of this world and he loves reading to us at the table daily.  He is flourishing with Heart of Dakota so I don’t think we’re going to add him to the time4learning list. 

David is doing very well.  He is still getting iron; however, I’m trying to find more natural ways to get it into his body.  I have chia seeds which all of the kids get on sandwiches daily.  I also have some yellow dock root which he gets in tea form a few times a week. 

Speaking of tea, Gage is an herbal tea junkie.  I make rise and shine tea for myself every morning (along with my herbalife tea concentrate) and I always make 2 cups:  one for me and one for G.  If I’m making any other sort of herbal tea that day, I have to always be sure G gets a cup.  Junkie. 

In other news:  Gage is allergic to cow’s milk and soy beans.  Soy is in EVERYTHING. e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.  So now I am relegated to making most of our dishes at home from scratch.  I don’t mind.  I’ve now grown to love it.  The children all appreciate the meals and they get to help prepare many of them.  Mayah is quite the bread kneader if I do say so myself! 

At the risk of taking this post all night to type up for lack of updates, I will close there. 


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  1. yes, I can see, very easily, how Mayah has to start at the very beginning. imagine, if shapes are difficult, letters are impossible. kendell has spent 2 years working on letters and still only get half, 24 of 52 caps and lower case. she is so proud of knowing her shapes and colors. numbers don’t give her as much trouble as long as we stick to anything under 10. our girls will learn at their own pace, and in God’s time. what I do love best about my girl is her never-ending love of being loved. love your snuggle time and sippy cups. maybe add infant massage techniques too?

  2. We’ve subscribed to T4L for over a year now, Aiden loves it. The other kids have been interested in it… Now I’m wondering how Annie would do with it! That being said, if we aren’t going to use it (we’ve used it maybe 2 times a month the last few months)… it’s somewhere to add wiggle room to the budget.

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