Shapes and Hannah

That’s all we concentrated on today with Mayah on time for learning. And really-if it wasn’t for t4l I’d be ready to pull my own hair out. To say Mayah is a slow learner is a understatment.
She simply doesn’t retain it.
For Mayah it takes TONS AND TONS of repetition to get anything to sink into her pretty little head. Even if we do nothing else but shapes tomorrow-through the weekend and next week-it’s possible for her to know a few by then. We’ll see.
I don’t mind. So please know I’m not complaining. So many people think because Mayah happens to say, “okay” at appropriate times (and inappropriate) that she understands what you’re saying. Ask her to repeat it back and you have another story. Though she is getting better. Now, EVERY TIME she says “OKAY” I have to repeat what I was saying in some form or another.
David WOW David surprised me today. He is a Nintendo DS junkie-well he would be if we let him. HOwever today David asked to listen to another story (a few times) on a shocker indeed! He is even retaining what he is hearing. I really didn’t think he would soak in the stories. David seems to be so “hands on” he really surprised me in this area. If he flourishes with time4learning we will DEFINITELY pay the extra $14.95/month to get him to learn as much as he can (or wants to at age 4) I won’t push it.
As a whole, we’ve taken a few days off from Heart of Dakota’s prek program. I think the kids are missing the discipline. They love schedules. They love the songs and poems, and they love sitting together reading the Bible stories.
I love them too.
Doing both curricula combined is proving great opportunities for togetherness.
I love that too.
I’m incredibly happy we started our homeschooling year in the summer like we had always planned. Before we started I was very worried I was going to be a terrible TERRIBLE homeschooling Mama. I’m not! I love it! The kids have even asked why I don’t teach their classes at church. So I’ve been avoiding that for long enough-I finally called the church to volunteer. I kind of volunteer for lots of things-so it’s not as easy as just jumping on that bandwagon. We’ll see. I’m hoping to the possibility for sure.
Our most favorite niece, Hannah is coming to stay with us next week. I can’t wait. I’m hoping to get her Monday (or Sunday) and keep her for as long as possible.
Hannah de-throned me 14.5 years ago as the “baby” of the family. I’ve been deliriously happy ever since. Hannah has been so dear to my heart since the minute I held her. Though when Hannah turned into a teenager I just assumed she wanted nothing to do with her Aunt. Thankfully she would post quietly on facebook some things we used to do together and I could feel the love through the status updates. A few weeks ago I got to hang with her at my cousin’s house-it was then I realized she gets me. She really gets me. Hannah loves so many things I do-and best of all-she has the same sense of humour. I cannot wait to spend some time with her!!
We’re also hoping to take a special trip with Hannah as well. Though I’m waiting to hear back from her Mom…so I can’t say what quite yet;) (sorry, Hannah!)

I’ve got to get my kids to bed…I’m sorry this post is incredibly mundane. I’m just trying to get back into the blogging habit…please bear with me.


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