No School Friday!

That doesn’t happen every Friday-just today and last week.  We will be schooling on Sunday because I’m pretty sure at least one our days next week is going to be busy.  I try to remain proactive when I know we’re going to be busy.

I got a great deal on some Math-u-See from a new homeschooling group I joined yesterday.  We are picking our items up on Tuesday.  It’s curriculum for Mayah and David.  (And maybe even Alexander’s next year’s stuff)  I’m so excited and thankful the Lord provided exactly what we still needed for more than a fraction of the cost.

I got to enjoy some real smiles from Miss Mayah again this morning at the breakfast table.  While she can do rather big girl things, my girl is clearly a baby.  She enjoys baby activities and loves to be cuddled and talked to and treated like one.  The smiles were so beautiful and real I tried getting my camera out and I kept getting the fake smiles.   Hopefully I get a real one on camera soon, I can’t wait to share it!!

Presently Mayah, Gage and I are watching signing time (  Leah’s Farm.  Mayah didn’t understand yesterday when we started watching it together why the people were signing.  She understood we signed (the words we knew) but didn’t understand the concept of learning new signs.  Now she is getting it.  She process her thoughts much better with the help of signs as opposed to just trying to remember the words.  Remembering words (especially  more than 1 syllable) is extremely hard for our girl.  We are trying the best we can to learn the best ways to reach her and help her grow. We are looking forward to being able to buy the entire signing time set eventually.  We got this one from our local library.  We wanted to see how she did before we made that investment.

Even though we are not schooling tomorrow-Mayah is DEFINITELY going to be reviewing her shapes with her puzzle as well as spending time with time4learning.    David even asked today if he could do some work on it.  I simply didn’t have the time in between errands.  However that’s good news he wanted to learn;)

As for our trip, not sure if it’s going to happening.  Hannah’s parents didn’t agree to her going to our first destination and it remains to be seen if she can go anywhere with us.  Still hoping at best she is able to come and spend some time with us next week.

I’m also having a pampered chef party next Friday!

if you can’t come or don’t live close by, PLEASE order from this site:​z/cookingwlisa?page=home 

put my name TAMMY DZIAGWA in the hostess part to give me credit.  It’s really not for me anyways…it’s for Miss Mayah to get some free stuff!!  My girl LOVES cooking with her Mama.  And since we do a LOT of cooking from scratch in this house, supplies are always needed.  So please help my girlie out, wouldya?  kthanks!

Another (free) request: My friend, Theresa Powell is competing in a photography contest and has 2 of her pictures entered.  Please go here:

why that didn’t link I have no idea…but PLEASE copy and paste the link all you have to do is LIKE the pic and leave a comment.  it can even be ONE WORD that’s it.  You don’t have to sign up for ANYTHING.

The contest ends tomorrow so please go there at least once and do this for Teresa.  She is so helpful to the entire world around her.  She is an awesome Mama and has 3 beautiful grandchildren she does not get to see regularly because her sons in law are both in the service.  Both Navy I believe.  Teresa’s Dad and my Mom both died of the same rare disease.  Multiple Myeloma as well.  Devastating and painful.  So PLEASE help this lady out, wouldya?  kthanks

ANNND once you’re done at that page please hop over this sweet Carter’s picture as well.

and do the same:  comment and like please!!!

Like I said, the contest ends tomorrow-please at least once today would be sooo appreciated by Teresa and her family.


I look forward to having some pics posted tomorrow!!!


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