I Divorced Facebook

Over the past few weeks I’ve been wanting to leave facebook.  Why?  I was thinking of all the wasted time there. 

I will set no wicked thing before my eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not stick to me. Psalm 101:3

I’m not saying Facebook is wicked or you should leave it too. Just me.

I started to feel small pangs of doing something better with my time. 

So I did.  Finally.

no facebook

A while back a friend of mine had left.  Then recently another.  It was with her leaving that told me, “I can do that too.”  I had already been thinking about it strongly for a week or so prior to her leaving. 

I handed the reins of the Sparkler group over to a friend and just left.  I said I would be back after August, but in reality I hope to never go back. 

I need real relationships.

I need to focus my time on what God wants me to be doing.

My husband.

My children.

My family as a whole.


My God.

I began wondering what my life would be like if I used half of my facebooking time to be with God.  Not that I don’t already spend time with him…but if a little is good more is better, right?  At least in this case.  Not snickers bars.  *darn*

I adore home schooling my children.  In fact, on the days when we are not schooling-we all miss it.  There’s a beautiful peace in our household when we are all together at the table learning new things and talking about how God orchestrated the entire thing.  No, not every day in our “classroom” is wonderful-we all have our days…but it does, almost every day, bring us together.  I’m so thankful God showed me homeschooling a few years ago. 


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