Mom I Need a Warning First!

It’s a rare occasion I leave the house without at least one of my children. 

We are on a very regular routine in our house and to change that seemed like it was okay with Mayah.

Nope.  It’s not.

This morning, as it has been planned for over a week, I had planned to have coke with my beast friend, Billie. 

I didn’t let Mayah know.

Dan said she stood looking sadly out the window as I drove off.

Less than 4 hours later I was home with tons of groceries as well. 

For the entire rest of her day, Mayah was just a little off. 

She ate too quickly (we battle food/eating issues daily without added stress)

She pounced on toys as soon as the other kids were done playing, or even if they turned their head away from the toy to look at something…there she was trying to take it.

She held as many toys as she could while trying to swing.

She zoned a lot.

She lied.

She looked lost and sad for much of the day.  Even though I was already home with her.

It didn’t matter.

Now I know, it’s not issues between she and Dan when I’m not around (well, she was definitely known for testing Daddy while Mommy was gone) however, this wasn’t the case today.  I screwed with her normal.

Lesson learned.


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    • hahah that’s hilarious because I did that once, THOUGHT i fixed it and laughed at it-figuring you would make a comment…apparently I didn’t fix it…and I was right;) I love you!!! going to fix it now!

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