Co-Op 2011/12

I’m so excited.

We have made a decision on a co-op for our first official home schooling year.

Gage will be playing in the nursery for 3 hours.

David and Mayah will be in preschool activities.  They will really enjoy what they are doing.  They will have art lessons, (crafts) and some other things.  My list is at home and I can’t seem to find it on the co-op group.

Alexander will have art, world cultures, and something else I can’t remember.

Me?  I will be teaching 2nd period art classes to the 4 and 5 year olds.

I know, I know.

I stink at art.

But I love doing crafts with little kids so this will be great.

I have the freedom to choose whatever I want.

So…guess what?

I chose BIBLIOPLAN!  there’s also a button to check out Biblioplan on the right hand side.  The great thing about Biblioplan is I can buy a la carte. I had really wanted to support my friend, Julia by adding Biblioplan to our repertoire  but we had already started and Heart of Dakota is working for us this year.  On the super up-side Biblioplan’s Year Three matches what our family is studying this year for history:  Early American History.  So for a whole $4, that’s right-$4 I can get enough awesome crafts to teach my class this year (only 6, so not like it was that hard) and adding some awesome crafts to do with my kids together as well.  I’m very excited.  Check it out! 

Also, with the co-op comes a World Cultures night, a year book, a possible science and history fair and so many other activities.   Excited can barely describe me.  Meeting new people, my kids making friends with other home schooled kids, and some great organized activities. 

One thing I’m learning with our particular schedule for home schooling is:  we don’t just sit down and do it all.  With Mayah’s speech and occupational therapy, as well as other doctor appointments, not to mention meet-ups with other home-schoolers we wake up, do some, eat breakfast, get to appointments, come home, have lunch, get Gage to nap!  do more and finish or go outside and play a bit then come back in and finish.  It really all depends on the energy level of the kids that day with everything we have been doing.  The things that matters to me are:  Are my children learning something?  Are they actually retaining? Are they enjoying themselves?  Am I enjoying myself?  I just make sure we get the day’s activities done in that day.  Homeschooling my children is, by far, the most exciting and rewarding activity I have done as a mother. 

Mayah is retaining how to do patterns and learning shapes by using time4learning.

Alexander is understanding math thanks to Math-u-See and because of his un-natural ability to learn and remember everything he is doing rather well.

David has learned how to maneuver around the time4learning websites and do far more with all the activities there than I thought possible for him being a fresh 4 years old.  Not to mention David has taken a keen interest in early American history and pays attention to the stories I read Alexander for history.  That kid continues to amaze me with all he can do.

Gage-well Gage likes to do the crafts.  And to actually make something useful with Biblioplan-I think we are all going to love!  I think we will start that next week.

We are possibly off from school this week with Mayah’s recovery-though it’s quite possible we will just jump right back into it tomorrow.


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