Mayah’s Head

We had a Doc appt for Mayah this afternoon-perfect timing.  The bandage was beginning to come off just as we left the driveway.  We got there a little early-which is fine because Children’s has a huge play area on our floor and I thought it would be nice for the kids to get to run and play since we had to get school and lunch in before we hit the road today.  However, the nurse called us back a little early-at first I was excited-but when we hit the 1 hour after appointment time still waiting in the small waiting room period-the excitement had since left me. 

Gage threw a tantrum for a good while on the floor.  He didn’t nap during the drive there.


I was growing impatient so I took Mayah’s bandage off


I’m still not exactly sure how we will style her hair after next week (when the bandages come off for good!) so we’ll have to wait and see.  Yes, they shaved her hair off on both sides.

She is healing beautifully.  The doctor said, “some nice fall day we’ll have you come in.  We will get the hearing aids out of the O.R. and you will want to bring your camera or video camera…because for the first time in her life she will hear whispers in the hallway, birds singing, and she will constantly tell you her brothers are being too loud.”


He is fully confident in 3 months she will be hearing.  Be still my heart-I’m overwhelmed with excitement already.

The second half of this year is going to be so big for Mayah.

Tomorrow I will schedule her sleeps study.

Yesterday the jaw doctor called to schedule her mandibular distraction.  I am still learning about this surgery but I’m looking forward to it being over with.  It seems as though it will require 2 surgeries.  One to put in and 6-8 weeks later one to take out.  She has a pre-op in October so we’ll know more then.

David knocked my socks off yesterday and today with his schooling.  Yesterday I started him on some Primer math-u-see.  The workbook I bought has the first 9 lessons taken out so we watched the dvd together and used the manipulatives and wow…he was so ready to start math.  he loved it!

I also requested for David, from to “up” him to K.  I wanted to see how well (or not well) he did.  So far, so good.  We are doing both K and prek work for David.

We are starting to make some strides with Alexander.  He will do whatever he is told to do when it comes to school-but we want to engage him.  We have had some noticeable health issues with him (nothing major, relax!) and we are going to be implementing some new vitamin supplements and diet changes. 

Tomorrow I hope to have a great schooling day as today was wonderful. 


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