What Does God’s Voice Sound Like?

An answer that is different for every believer.   Yesterday, for me, it came in the sound of my son Alexander’s voice.

We were preparing to leave for Pittsburgh-my lunch plans had been foiled for lack of ingredients-I was trying to improvise at the last minute.  Not to mention we had some other issues arise at the same time I was trying to deal with quickly.  Opening the refridgerator door after probably raising my voice to too many of my children, “I’m losing my mind!”

“You need to pray to God right now, Mommy.”

“You’re right.  I do.”

So I did.

God’s peace washed over me-and I thanked my little man.  I thanked him for him being able to hear the Holy SPirit inside of him guiding his Mama.  I thanked him for responding.

My children amaze me.  I’m so thankful for them.  What a true treasure they are from a Father who loves me more than I’ll ever know.

Last night I probably stayed up way too late-and here I am again this morning browsing homeschool curriculum.  5 weeks into our year-I feel like I’m at the beginning.  Am I unhappy with Heart of Dakota?  No way.  I love it.  Though I need Alexander (almost 6) to retain what we are doing-and I think in order for retention to happen-we may need soemthing more hands-on for him.  I definitely thought David was my kinesthetic learner-and “something” to do for Gage will keep him out of trouble while we school-and Mayah…oh yes-hands on for her for sure! 

Of course, Mayah does well with strictly supervised computer learning-I want her to do hands on learning as well.  It’s worth a shot for sure.  I am incredibly thankful for time4learning to help reach out to my girl.  Though also becauswe of time4learning-I’m seeing David make great strides.

Here is David 2 days ago working on Primer Math-u-See


David is free spirited and creative-I don’t want to dampen that by trying to “teach” him too much.  I need to find a way (math-u-see is definitely one way) to foster that in him.  I’m also thinking about Explode the Code for phonics.  More than likely at some point in the year we will switch to Apologia science. 

Back to the drawing board.

If you have hands on learners please share with me how you reach them to have fun while learning and retain what they are learning. 

I’m definitely thinking BIBLIOPLAN has to come into play somewhere for us.  The matching crafts that go alongside what they’re learning would be perfect for my little learners. 


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