Getting Organized

God is amazing.

Yesterday Dan and I went to our first big round of foster parent classes.  Are we going to foster parent?  We have no idea.

We just know we are to take the classes and be certified.

No idea why.

It’s something we have been putting off for the majority of the year and we finally FINALLY decided to answer God.

A few months ago we took our first class-the following week we had decided we weren’t going to finish them and didn’t go to the rest.

So here we go again.  Again.

Truthfully the classes are amazing.  I am now believing every parent should take these before their first child turns 2.  We are learning some great tips with our own children.

Lifechurch has great messages online.  I’ve been listening to a few this week during my morning quiet time.  What I also find useful is the Bible Study that they have in .pdf to accompany the message.

What we did this morning.

While Dan didn’t listen to the message I did yesterday or any in the series, he and I got to sit down and to the study together this morning.

The kids played nicely together.

We had coffee.

We got to share our hearts.  Initially it was a bit difficult for Dan-however he eventually starting working through a few things and before you knew it much time had passed and we were done with the study.

We were going to visit another church again this morning.  No, we aren’t going to leave our church we LOVE it there.  But no where in the Bible does it say we have to stick with one building for church.  So we won’t. 

We have been trying to find a balance with all the hours Dan works, housework, time together as a family, etc.  It’s possible through much trial and error over the past few months we may be finding a balance that’s working.  We’ll see next weekend, I suppose.

Schooling the kids is going well.  I was blessed enough to be able to purchase KONOS items this weekend.  Hopefully we’ll get them by the end of the week and I can begin to put some things together next weekend for the following week.  We took today and yesterday off of school so we wont’ be starting our 6th week of HS until the middle of this week.  It’s all good.  I’m also waiting to hear back from someone who is selling FIVE IN A ROW.  I had never heard of it until Friday night.  Going to get my hands on that too. 

Dan says I’m addicted to buying homeschool curriculum.   I’ve had worse addictions.  I’ll go with it.

Please pray for healing of Mayah’s incision.  Her right side is bleeding today and definitely bruised.  Her left side looks just fine.  I called Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and the ENT on call said she could have over exerted herself, slept the wrong way or bumped it in some fashion but to keep an eye on it. 

Will do.

Poor girl is aching at the bit to jump and swing and climb trees and run.  This is all so hard on her and she really doesn’t understand why.

In organizational news:  I’m trying to make my life more peaceful and structured.  I’m working on the tiny details that end up taking up so much time being wasted.

I’m not a fan of wasting time.

I put it in the category of being a good steward of what God has given me.

First-in an effort to make our house safer (and rules for being an approved foster family) we had to REALLY lock up all the cleaners (regular baby-proofing ways are a no-no).  So…what to do with the space under the bathroom sink?


I folded this morning’s laundry and brought up 5 outfits for each child and put them under the sink.  While I love my laundry area downstairs, not all the kids and unlock the baby gate and go down to pick out their own clothing.  Now-I just plan to bring some up on Sundays and(another day) to restock the clothing area.  I think it will work.


As for the area under the kitchen sink:  the rags can stay as the children know where to go when they spill something.  And 2 weeks or so ago when I was at another HS mom’s house to buy some Math-U-See I noticed in her kitchen one of the cabinets had shoes stuffed into them. 

We keep our shoes in our basement right by the door on a small carpet…but again…not all the kids can work the baby gate to get to them without me stopping what I’m doing to help them.  That’s my biggest irritant:  stopping what I’m doing to do something they should know how to do.  I’m also tired of asking Alexander to do everything.  It’s not fair to him. 

But more on that later.

Also-my newest organization-thing is a MEAL PLANNER not only is it a meal planner, but you choose the recipes and put them in the days of the week-then you can click on “shopping list” and it breaks down all your meals to ingredients.  I’m still working on this coming week-but you can sign up for a free 30 day trial.  That’s what I did.  If it turns out to be a huge time-saver and helps to keep me organized-it will be worth the subscription.  I’ll keep you posted.

I have so much to say-hopefully I’ll have time tomorrow night for more.

Thanks for the prayers-we love them.


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