Who Doesn’t Love Bowling?

So Friday someone in my home school group posted about Bowling at a local alley. 

Since we just joined the group we are still learning of the regular HS activities offered by local places. 

Then, my BFF told me about Kids Bowling For Free!! so I checked out the website and the lanes we were headed to offered this program.  The kids were so excited.

The lanes were next to empty and absolutely perfect for me to take all 4 kids bowling for the first time. 


Getting ready!!


Excited girlie


Gage is never without a stance or funny face.  This was after he sent his boll rolling.


After he got the hang of it-Alexander actually did pretty well!


really…who doesn’t love the hand dryer?  Mayah spent much of her time with her face over top of it.


Sitting nicely.  (if any child got up s/he had to give their turn to someone else) needless to say, Gage was the only one who lost his turn…twice)




It’s a little hard to teach my lefty some things…but after David had one ball just stop from lack of momentum-the guy brought out the ramp.  Gage used it and I allowed the other kids to use it on their second turn to knock down the rest of the pins.  Eventually Gage was the only one using it- and even then he quit by the middle of the second game and wanted to play like the other kids-and the other kids were getting the hang of it.  They played 2 games together, it was so nice. 

I had a great time and so did the kids.  We will be going back again for the next one…but we’re also going ice skating too….sometime.  It’s hard to coordinate a schedule of fun things around our actual schooling and Mayah’s speech and OT appointments.  But we’re getting there.


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